The Male Concept of an Ideal Date vs

A date is an appointed meeting of two people who are interested in each other. Everyone has his or her own expectations about the perfect date. Still, men’s and women’s expectations are not similar. Their different opinions about an ideal date are best reflected in such aspects as a place where to go, behavioral peculiarities of a partner, and conversation topics.

Firstly, the most striking difference in the perception of an ideal date concerns a place where to go and the activities to do there. Generally, women prefer calm places. When asked for a date, a woman would expect being invited to a restaurant or a cafe and then taking a walk. Women’s perception of a perfect date centers on the idea of intimacy and romance. For example, women adore candlelit dinners in some comfortable place, or a cozy picnic with the loved one somewhere in the countryside.

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On the contrary, men would choose the other place for their ideal date. In most cases, a man would prefer to have dinner at home after which he and his beloved one can watch some movie and spend quality time together. Sometimes, a man dreams of having a date when he and his girlfriend can lie on the couch drinking beer and watching a football match on TV Unlike women, men’s ideal place to go is not so romantic.The second factor we should be aware of when taking into consideration men’s and women’s approach to the ideal date is the kind of behavior a person is expecting from his/her lover. Girls, for instance, do not appreciate when their boyfriends behave arrogantly and use vulgar words or tell obscene jokes.

Normally, a girl would expect her boyfriend to be gentlemanly – to open doors in front of her or walk her home after the date. Women like when men give them a choice, and they can decide where to go or what to do. Likewise, men do not like when women behave rudely, or when they try to make an impression and pretend to be someone they are not. Yet, they like when women are amicable and spontaneous and when they behave in a natural way and do not hide their emotions. As it can be seen, while women expect romance even in the behavior of their loved ones, men prefer their girlfriends to be straightforward and natural. Thirdly, another controversial issue concerning men’s and women’s ideal date is the topics of conversation they prefer.

As it has been aforementioned, most women prefer dates filled with romance and intimacy; consequentlly, they would prefer the same romantic conversations and exchanging pleasantries. Women appreciate when men compliment them on their looks; that means that they are rewarded after many hours spent in front of the mirror applying make-up and choosing the most beautiful clothes. In the same way, women adore when men notice small details and mention them; for instance, when men pay compliments on a new hairstyle or a new dress. Women hate men talking about football or any other kind of sport. On the contrary, men find it exquisite when they can have a talk with a woman about football or some TV programs that they like to watch. As well as that, men like when their girlfriends share some interests or hobbies with them, so they always have something to talk about and discuss.

The thing that men do not like is when their girlfriends start talking about their pets and typical women topics such as cosmetics, hairstyles, and clothes. As we can see, a perfect conversation also differs in men’s and women’s understanding.In essence, women and men have different concepts of an ideal date. Women are more romantic, and they like being in the center of attention, while men value women for their natural way of behavior and common interests they both share.