Film Analysis: Bernie In the movie “Bernie”.

Film Analysis: Bernie In the movie “Bernie”.

we follow the story and between a Carthage. Texas funeral director Bernie Tiede. and his co-dependent relationship with a wealthy widow, Marjorie Nugent. As “Bernie” unfolds, we see the companionship turn for the worse as Ms. Nugent’s ill-temper causes Bernie to snap – and lands her dead in her freezer. This movie brings up some questions, specifically regarding Image.

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After analysis, the question I keep coming back to Is -was Bernie genuine and sincere? or was It all a faqade? ‘ Although Bernie committed a horrible crime, I believe the answer to this uestion is yes”- Bernie was a genuine man.

Throughout the movie we see Bernie come to be a pillar in the community of Carthage. He was an active member in the church, teaching Sunday school and signing in the choir. He donated his time to the local community college, helping with plays. He frequently bought random gifts for people.

Even after Marjorie’s death and when Bernie had free range of Marjorie’s money, he donated It and spent It for the better good. He gave people money for college, continued buying gifts tor others, and donated money tor a new prayer wing or his church.

The list of charitable things Bernie did for the community of Carthage goes on. There was almost no greed involved In any of the decisions that Bernie made. He kept his modest house and car.

and the majority of the money he spent was on others. Although Bernie felt he had a reputation to uphold, I believe that he genuinely cared about his community. The amount of time he donated to others Is overwhelming. He frequently checked up on local widows he had assisted at the funeral home, after all that are how he became close with Ms. Nugent.

Even today, In rison, Bernie teaches cooking classes to inmates and leads a prayer group. In addition, the way he killed Ms. Nugent shows no premeditation – it was obviously a spur of the moment decision, After years and years of Ms. Nugent’s control, Bernie snapped. and it’s understandable.

Bernie’s spirit and inner goodness were strong enough to make his community the biggest of all sins. “If the people in Carthage were to make a list of those people that they thought would get to heaven, I’m sure Bernie would be on the top of the list”, says one woman. Bernie was a sincere person, even it he did commit murder.

Danny Buck, the prosecutor on the case, had to keep a calm and composed exterior throughout the course of the movie. He believed Bernie wasn’t the kind and charitable man everyone believed him to be.

Rather he thought Bernie was a con artist and a criminal, and thought he should have the maximum sentence. Danny had to be composed but persistent with the community of Carthage. “l dont care If Mrs. Nugent was the richest lady in town. She was so mean that even If Bernie did kill her, you wont be able to find anyone In town who’s going to convict him for murder Is Just one of the examples of what people were telling

Danny Buck.

For the sake of the case, Danny Buck tried his best to stay on everyone’s good side, even If most people believed Bernie was innocent or shouldnt be prosecuted, On the other hand. Marjorie Nugent was described as unfriendly and critical woman. One man said, “If she had held her nose any higher she would have drowned in a rainstorm”. A teacher at the high school says “She wasnt all that ‘ Of2 small town”. After she was murdered the town seemed to have forgotten about her and the crime that was committed and rather were more concerned with Bernie and his well-being.

As described before, not going out of your way to be friendly speaks volumes, especially in small towns such as Carthage.

However, on the contrary, being too nice to and accommodating to others can cause people to speculate the worst of you, such in Bernie’s case. Some locals believed that Bernie was taking advantage of these widows he had helped. Some even thought his relationship with Marjorie was sexual. At the end of the day I’d rather care about my image too much, and be known as too nice. After all, no one wants to be remembered as the “meanest lady in East Texas”.