Film and Television Production Statement

I believe that every piece of film and television can change a person in some way or another.

Maybe they discover something about themselves, the world, or change their perception of life. The characters; the story; the setting; the visuals; of these pieces of art play a monumental part in creating a human being. They allow an idea to become alive and plant itself in the minds of millions. The way the viewers perceive this idea will vary in each individual’s mind. That is the beauty of film and television.

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When I was five I watched Grease over ten times a day, I would watch it, get up, rewind, and watch it again, and each time the movie was completely different to me. At first all I noticed was Danny and Sandy, they were in love and Danny had greasy hair. The second time I noticed how complicated love is, and that maybe loving someone and passion may not be enough for a relationship to last. The third time I learned that sometimes you have to make sacrifices for the ones we truly love, and if someone honestly loves someone has much Danny loved Sandy, then they can make it despite what anyone else says. Each time I watched, I learned important lessons about life.

If there is one thing that film and television has done for me it’s instilled into my mind that if there is something we want, we must go out and get it and if you sit around and wait for it, it will be gone in a heartbeat. My true passion is to create the same thing that film and television has done for me. I want to create pieces that allow someone’s mind to create and expand. I want them to be inspired to try something new, or something they never thought they could do. Film and television may not always be historically true, or practical, but there’s a life lesson to learn from every piece. I know that I could never go into the military to replace my father and fight Huns like Mulan, but I know that anything I am passionate about I can achieve and I can be a strong woman.

I want to create beauty, whether it is a wonderful joyous world, disgustingly beautiful or beautifully real. I want to make the setting, and the characters come alive. I want every person who views what I create to make a connection to the story and characters. I want them to feel exactly what the piece is trying to convey. If it’s funny, I want them to laugh until their gut hurts. If it’s sad, I want them to sob until they can’t cry anymore.

If it’s exciting, I want them to be at the edge of their chairs. It’s essential that what I make creates emotion. That is what makes us human, letting people see your emotions is anything but embarrassing, it is humbling. Being able to feel and connect is what separates the human race from animals. When I create, I want people to feel like they now know a deep part of me. I will put my soul into what I show to others.

I will work until the end of time to convey my messages to the world. There will never be a piece that I create that doesn’t tug any of the heart strings. Creating film and television is an art, and I wouldn’t consider doing anything else in my life.