Final Case Study Jennifer

She’s been getting headaches, backaches, and also indigestion. When someone is stressed when it’s too much it does tend to affect you physically. Jennifer is a codependent person.

She’s a person who does everything for everyone else. She’s not happy until the people around her are happy. She’s the type that wants to do everything for everyone else. Trying to do everything for everyone else can become a very stressful situation for anyone. 2. How are these stress affecting Snifter’s self-concept and self esteem?

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Right now she Is actually questioning how she Is as a worker now compared to the way she was.

She is also questioning how she is as a future mother and also as a wife. Jennifer is the type of person who puts pride in everything that she does. She believes that she has to be the best in everything that she does. She has to be number one or she thinks that she’s a failure. Which eventually can start bringing down her self esteem. No one can always be perfect with everything and until she realizes that everything that she doesn’t succeed in her self esteem is going to continue to go down.

As her self esteem lowers it’s going to take even more to meet her potential and personal goals that she sets for herself. By these changes It could turn I can do anything to I can’t do anything. Because of her self esteem being affect from not accomplishing everything that she wanted to . It did the opposite and went further down. When she questions all of these things It causes her self concept to become lower.

3. How might Jennifer situation illustrate adjustment? The situation that Jennifer is adjusting to is adjusting not being a mother right now.

Also she’s making an adjustment realizing her mom is no longer there for her because she passed away two years ago. Jennifer is also adjusting to her in-laws continuously talking to her about having another baby after the current miscarriage. On top of all his she is still worrying about her father and getting him to move to a facility against his will.

She’s not doing anything to the problems in her life. She is Just letting all of it consume her. She hasn’t tried to find a solution to the situations that she’s in. 3. How might this situation become an opportunity for personal growth?

This situation may get her to start back thinking positive so she can actually try to move on and get ready for trying to have another baby.

Jennifer could also seek counseling and get to a bonding group that she can go through to actually talk about her feelings about her miscarriage. The sooner she gets out the feelings the quicker she can move on Ana get to ten pilot winner seen can try gall. Jennifer may also work towards putting her father in the facility because the important thing is what’s best for his well being. She Just needs to be hands on and make things happen. . What defensive coping methods are Jennifer using? Jennifer is actually dealing with the denial method.

She doesn’t realize or should I say won’t admit that she is stressed. She doesn’t understand why she having all of these crazy symptoms that are happening to her body. She’s also in denial and hasn’t come to the realization that he is not happy and content with everything that is going on in her life. It would be beneficial if she didn’t keep all these feelings bottles in. She Just needs to talk to someone and let it all out and take some pressure off her shoulders. 4.

What active coping methods might be healthier for Jennifer to use? A healthier coping method for Jennifer to use is laughter. By laughing more it actually has proven to reduce stress. Which would make her feel better all the way around these situations. If she chose to laugh more it would be less serious and she would be a little stress free. Laughter makes the blood pressure goes down. She can prepare her body by trying to relax eating well and doing exercise.

By doing this endorphins sends signals back to the body and actually helps the body to reduce the stress that you’re feeling. Explain why you would recommend these methods? This will allow Jennifer to have more control over her stress. Which is very important for her to learn how to do. If she doesn’t get a hold of what’s going in her life it’s going to control her body even more than it already is. 5.

Select one theory of personality and use this theory to tell Jennifer how this theory explains her situation. With her situations that are going on I feel that it’s the psychoanalytic because it sounds like she’s repressing her feelings and memories . Jennifer is certainly not letting any of her feelings out.

Also she hasn’t slowed down with the other things that are on her plate. She’s been trying to deal with everything even though it’s too much .

She doesn’t realize it ‘s slowly breaking her and her body down. Jennifer is dealing with the pain from losing her baby also she’s dealing with losing her mother. Which can be a very hard situation if you don’t talk to someone and let everything out. Because of all of these issues it’s giving her body physical problems. Problems that she’s still hasn’t handled.

In the healthy way that she needs to do.

This defense actually reacts unconsciously. When this happens it explains why she actually feels the pain but doesn’t realize the extra stress that is going on in her life. By losing her mom and feels like her dad will be next it could feel like she’s having an identity crisis. She’s also having issues with the in -laws who are ready for her to try to have another one because they’re looking forward to be grandparents.

That alone can be stressful as well. 6. An what stage of development is Jennifer and what factors about this stage might be affecting her respective of this situation?

The stage of development that Jennifer is in is adulthood. The stage that she’s in it could be transitioning. At this stage in her life she could be asking herself where is my life going? What would it be like in 5 years to see what’s going on. She also may be questioning if she wants to become a parent will she be a good parent also is she ready to become a parent.

After going through a miscarriage she really doesn’t want to go through anything like that again. When women go through these certain things it’s normal to question your life and try to guru out what’s meant to be.

Her husband may be ready but she can’t even get to Tanat state AT Milan until seen can get up ten courage to try to deal Walt n near stressful issues. Instead of Just trying to forget about it. 7.

What relationship factors or considerations might be influencing Snifter’s problems? Well first I feel the relationship with her husband maybe be in strain from her having the miscarriage. He’s probably tried to help her cope but if she won’t open up and let him in he can’t help her stress level go down. Also still worrying about what she’s going to do with her father. If she’s going to put him a facility or not.

Even if it is against his will.

Handling that can leads to lots of stress. The main thing that Jennifer needs is communication. Even if it’s Just her husband who she may finally open up with that will actually help their relationship. There has to be a line of communication or they will both be in the marriage not be married to one another. I believe you can’t have a relationship with someone with walls up.

Also believe that she needs to talk to someone or she’s bound to breakdown all the way eventually. Jennifer can only take so much extra stress in her life.