Final Strategic Plan Paper Bus

Here at Kynfolk Kennel, “We Are The Best, At What We Do! ” Socialization and exercise are very important factors in raising the ultimate ompanion, and here at Kynfolk Kennel our dogs are raised around people, and are provided with plenty of time and room for exercise and socialization to ensure that all of our customers are completely satisfied with the ultimate bully we provide. All the resident dogs at Kynfolk Kennel are put through a rigorous exercise and training program, in addition to being fed the highest quality nutrition available for canines.

These lengths are a small price to pay to ensure we have the highest quality and healthiest breeding stock available that are able to reach their maximum potential and reproductive success. The following SWOTT analysis captures key strengths and weaknesses, opportunities, and threats within the company and describes the threats facing Kynfolk Kennels.

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Some strengths of the organization are viewed as strong relationships with the Humane Society and local breeders. Ample time to dedicate to the care of the animals, ideal facility, and high customer loyalty are Just a few strengths involved.

Weaknesses would be lack of visibility in the community, a limited marketing budget, limited quantity, and limited capacity. Each of the strengths and weaknesses are ideal for Kynfolk Kennels. Breeding Pit Bulls is a growing market ith a significant percentage of the market still not aware that Kynfolk Kennel exists.

With some of the opportunities such as fixed costs that are reduced when spread over multiple animals is one of the business opportunities, along with the ability to the canine’s needs is another.

Analyzing the threats that come with the market structure was also very important for the business. Some threats that would be analyzed is the slump in the economy which twill reduce people’s discretionary income, thereby reducing their opportunity to travel and purchase animals at the price you willing to make maximum profit from. The competition primarily takes the form of a kennel. The setup for a kennel is typically an interior space for the dog to sleep and a corridor for the dogs to walk around.

Most kennels offer feeding several times a day and some offer the option of walks.

The biggest threat is new competitors realizing the true market potential and wanting to start their own business. With the development of Kynfolk Kennel, innovation, environmental, and competitive analysis are some of the external forces and trends that come with the business. With breeding a very popular animal, reinventing the way of advertising is ecessary if receiving a return on the invested time and money is wanted.

With the worldwide web being so large, advertising is endless. Combining a website, myspace. com, azcentral.

com and many other free websites, it allows advertising all over the world. With the introduction of blogs on each site, it allows quick response to questions asked about the dogs and the kennel. Environmentally the Kennel poses no threats. The dogs do carry a bad reputation however; the owners and potential buyers are responsible for all actions of the animals. The dogs have great temperament and wonderful personalities.

The benefits that Kynfolk Kennel advertise to keep that competitive advantage, is the pedigree of the animals and the well maintenance. There are thousands of homemade breeders that sell their dogs for hundreds of dollars but cannot guarantee the health of the animal. Here at Kynfolk Kennels we stand behind each dog sold. Kynfolk Kennel resides on acre property complete with a newly constructed, state of the art, indoor and outdoor, climate controlled kennel facility to include specialized breeding and whelping areas, and 5 large 50 x 100 foot running and training areas for recreation.

Here at Kynfolk Kennel, our dogs are highly valued and a great deal of planning, effort, and care has gone into providing the safest, most comfortable, secure facility the dog world has to offer without sparing any expense in the process. Kynfolk Kennel is a state of the art facility where we place a huge emphasis on our resident dogs’ husbandry, and an excellent customer service for every bully we place.

In order to provide the highest quality service and information to all of our valued customers, we have put together an excellent team of ambitious staff members to specialize in every aspect of a true American Bully.

We provide veterinarian recommended worming and age appropriate shots each litter of our pit bull puppies. We also provide a health certificate from our veterinarian that guarantee of health plus shot record from the kennel. We take great pride in providing the best environment for our pit bull puppies, both mentally and physically. This takes a lot of time, work and yes money. The prices of the dogs reflect the passion invested in the breeding.

What is received in return is worth it. Kynfolk Kennel stands behind any pit bull puppy sold.

We treat our pit bulls as family and promotion of the American Pit bull Terrier. In our opinion, the dogs are bred for family pets, weight pulling, working and pleasing their owners. At Kynfolk Kennel, our pit bulls are not bred, sold or used for any illegal or inhumane purpose. We reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone we feel does not meet this standard for the pit bull ownership.

With the reputation that these dogs carry, it is very important that Kynfolk Kennel address the needs of the customers and guarantee great temperament.

Kynfolk Kennel strives to be one of the best kennels in America, and with that motivation, Kynfolk Kennel will continue to become more innovative to separate us from the competition. With the development of Kynfolk Kennel (KK), the strategic objectives that are used to obtain the mission and vision are simple. Maintaining a kennel a productive kennel, takes a lot of hard work, time patience, Knowledge and money. Kynfolk Kennel financial, customer value, process, growth perspectives are all objectives involved in the outcome productivity of the organization.

In regards to the financial perspectives, KK focus is the return on investment (ROI).

With the amount of person-hours, involved KK wants to keep a competitive advantage in order to maximize profits. With the generated revenue from each puppy sold, 50 ercent is reinvested in to the organization to fund the living expenses of the dogs such as food, registrations fees, vaccinations, toys, landscape repair, and housing. The remaining profit is considered net income, which is after all expenses have been deducted.

KK is a small organization that would no have much need for shareholder value considering all funds invested is by the owners. KK takes a lot of pride in customer satisfaction.

Strategically KK makes sure the puppies are healthy, have a clean environment, and well tempered. KK stands behind any puppy sold guarantying that it will be in the best of health. Customer ervice plays a large role in customers returning to purchase other dogs or referring the kennel to friends and family. All businesses experience retention and at KK, superior customer service is number one however customers are not always right!

When this occurs or if a customer is unhappy, we will try are best to accommodate them by offering there payments on a purchase of another dog or future breeding. In the process operations perspective the strategic objectives are productivity and operations metrics. The breeding of the dogs are seasonal, each female can be bred twice a year with the maximum of 12-14 puppies per litter.

At any point through out the year, there can be a total of 30-40 puppies in the nursing department of the kennel.

The deliveries of the puppies are staggered from female to female however; the operations of the facility can be over whelming at times. The strategic productivity improvements would be to increase person-hours by hiring some help or decrease the number of breeding in the year. KK profitability would surely decrease if less breeding took place so a metrics system would need to be developed to strategize which breeding take place, the expected dates of delivery, and the anticipated revenue to be made from each litter.

The learning and growth perspectives include level of organization capability, nature of organization culture, and technological innovations.

These three objectives also play a large role in the development of KK. Having the ability to expand the net income from ROI. The nature of KK culture is widely spread across the world. Many people attempt to become a breeder and fail. Any person that decides to take on the responsibility to become a breeder of any animal should always know the pros and cons of the business.

There will be times when no puppies are sold for weeks at a time sometimes months.

This line of business cannot always guarantee revenue at a consistent pace. Unlike other organizations, you cannot file for bankruptcy or throw in the towel. You are dealing with animals that depend on your support for food and shelter. American Pit Bull Terrier breeding is a culture in itself.

It takes a certain individual or staff to bypass all the negative aspects of raising and breeding the animals and look forward to the positives on how happy you will make someone’s family. Starting a dog kennel business involves a little more work and preparation than your average pet services business.

Before you begin, finding out what the zoning restrictions are in your area, and whether or not you are required to obtain a license to run your kennel is key. At Kynfolk Kennel records each dog feeding and exercise schedule, and set up an insurance policy to provide adequate coverage for the kennel. The objectives for the first three years of operation include, creating a service- based company whose goal is to exceed customer’s expectations, to increase the number of clients by 20% per year through superior performance and word-of-mouth referrals.

To develop a sustainable home business surviving off its own cash flow.

In the market segmentation, Kynfolk Kennel target market are people who truly look out for their dog’s best interests and can afford the task of nurturing the animal. The other component of the target market is the customers must have enough money to cover the difference in cost, not everyone can afford the price variance of the puppies. Kynfolk Kennel believes that their service is so distinct and valuable with no competition that little will be needed to build a customer base other than faithfully providing their service.

Kynfolk Kennel will be working with respected veterinarians s well as placing an advertisement in the Human Society newsletter as the means of communicating Kynfolk Kennel availability to the public. This will be done to develop business that will then report back to the veterinarian. Once a good review is passed back to the veterinarian, this will become a good source of customers for two reasons, 1) people typically ask their veterinarian for referrals for pet-related service providers, 2) veterinarians are very likely to recommend a breeder as they clearly recognize its benefit relative to the other service offerings.

These will be the only strategies used to develop a loyal customer base. Lastly, a website will be developed as a tool to communicate information about Kynfolk Kennel to information seekers. The sales strategy will be to develop a list of happy past customers (not difficult) who are willing to act as referrals for Kynfolk Kennel. Once this list is developed, their names will be given out when a prospective client calls. The advantages of a referral are so obvious relative to kennels productivity that it will not be difficult to get customers.

The website will be developed to provide a source of information to prospective dog owners.

In essence, it is Kynfolk Kennel version of a ave information and pictures about the owners and their qualifications, the license and bonding information, the facilities, and the services such as breeding and studding. The other side to this demand is that in order to maintain all of these advantages, the operation must maintain maximum of 10 dogs so there will not be the possibility of growing the operation beyond its capacity.

In regards to milestones, Kynfolk Kennel will have several early on. The business plan completion will be done as a roadmap for the organization. This will be an indispensable tool for the ongoing performance and improvement of the company.

Setting up the facilities, reaching full capacity, and making sure the initial strategic development is complete. With the help of the internet, KK has made it possible to reach people all over the world.

Technological innovation in the kennel has allowed the processing of orders, deposits, and payments to be done electronically. With the addition of a merchant account that accessible online, using resources such as PayPal, and electronic deposit authorizations it has made the book keeping a very quick task. All purchases and sales are balanced on a excel spreadsheet that’s converted into a balance sheet that’s printable for filing purposes