The Challenge

The pounding of your alarm crushes the silence that was persistent through the night. You creep your eyes open to a darkness that seems soothing yet despising. You reach helplessly for the device that is becoming more of a torturing distraction rather than an alarm.

When your hand seems to flop upon the snooze button and silence regains the room, you except the challenge of deadly crawling out of bed.You have a vague memory of the same procedures to take as last year. You walk to your bathroom and seem to fall into every step that you take. Thrusting each foot into the ground, with the other seemingly dragging behind. When you reach the end of the journey you just partook on, you gather the supplies needed to start off your day.

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As you grab the towel hanging on the door behind you, you notice the smooth bristles of the fabric and its warmth and comfort in the crisp morning air that glooms around your household. Regaining your focus, you turn and sit on the edge of the shower and you feel the rush of settling coolness of the tub shocking your bare skin through your thin sleep attire. Quickly standing up you grab the shower curtain that is pulled back to a wrinkled mess at the back of the tub. Rotating the not to release the water, you feel as the magnificent warm water flows and crashes against the floor of the tub. As you climb in and wash, you can feel the tingle of the warm water trickling down your body.

You smell the fresh aroma of your shampoo.When stepping out of the sensation of the warm water, you seep back into the cold morning air. House seeming even more silent than before. You glance at the clock and then rush to throw on your clothes, almost in excited manner. Without a moment to spare, you grab a quick bite to eat and devour it. In a frenzy to reach your book bag and swing open the door to step out into a quick morning breeze, symbolizing your step into the everyday world again.

Excepting the challenge that we all have faced, the first day of school.