Five Paragraph Essay: A Couple of Old Age Deciding to Take Retirement

Paragraph 1 – IntroductionIt is possible to retire at any age. Some people are able to do it in their twenties if they make enough money. Some lucky people are able to do it in their fifties. Other people have to wait until they are in their seventies.

Most are forced into retirement in their seventies, so the question of retirement is often only one where people are retiring before their seventies. This essay considers early retirement.Paragraph 2 – Can they afford to live on what they have?Assuming there are two people in a relationship, will the pair be able to afford a life without working? One assumes that without working the pair will have to put up with a pay cut. The amount that they are due to lose may be too much. They may end up with too little income to support themselves. There are a few expenses related to working, but those expenses are often not as much as people imagine.

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Plus, there is probably going to have to be a lifestyle adjustment that the two are not prepared to make. Any of these situations may lead to the couple struggling during retirement, which is why it is important to consider if the pair will be able to afford to live on what they have and what they will get. Any savings they have are likely to disappear very quickly. Paragraph 3 – When is their pension due to communication through?The pension may not come through when the couple retires. It may come through at a certain age. The pair may hope to live on their savings until the pension starts to arrive, but their savings will often not go as far as they wish.

Even rationally using the money by paying it into an account at the same rate they were paid at work is often not enough to dispel excessive spending. Early retirement will also often bring along lots of family members, friends and companies that have plenty of reasons for the couple to give away their money.Paragraph 4 – Would staying on at work lead to a better retirement in the future?There are often policies that pay out a bigger pension if the couple stays in work longer. Will leaving work now and taking on the pension result in smaller payments? If that is the case, then how much smaller are the payments going to be? Is it going to be a case of the couple taking a big pay cut for the sake of quitting work just two years earlier? This sort of thing needs to be considered if the couple is to retire.Paragraph 5 – ConclusionWhether it is a single person looking to retire, or a couple looking to retire, a lot of thought has to go into it. Still, there is more to life than working, and if a couple is going to embrace life, then retiring may be a good idea.

If they are just going to find reasons to stay at home and do very little all day, then retirement is probably a bad idea.