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NASA code of ethics is adequate in explaining what is expected of a social worker in their career. There is plenty of information on how to behave, what is to be expected of a social worker, why a social worker must behave ethically and morally correct, and who the social worker is here to help. However I do not think that the code has enough information on what will happen to a social worker if they are caught behaving unethically, or immorally. In my opinion there could be a little bit ore information on this subject.

I think that if there was a section on a universal reprimand on what will happen if the social worker was caught behaving unethically towards clients, or staff that it Mould serve as a guide for social workers to know what the consequences are for immoral behaviors.

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Some resources that we could look at to determine what could be a universal punishment would be state, and federal guidelines. Such as researching what is typical in the state or region for disloyalty of client confidentiality leaks of Information. NASA lists the core values of a social worker as: 1. Arrive 2. Social Justice .

Dignity and worth of the person 4. Integrity 5. Competence Although these aspects are listed as being a core value and the code gives us the reason why, it does not state what will happen if a social worker does not abide by these codes of conduct. In my opinion these are very important traits to have and to live by for the social worker, but I also think that the code should have a universal capillary action for the worker to know what it will cost them if they do not go by these codes.

Listing the punishment would be a great deterrent to unethical choices. Knowing that their Job is at steak, or if they are going to get a pay dock, or even be suspended Introit pay.

Other than the type of disciplinary actions I think that the code is a wonderful tool to let the social worker know what is expected of them, and why it is important for them to raise the bar when it comes to being an upstanding citizen and worker.