Flawed Schedules

School schedules are flawed.

Having eight or so subjects to pay attention to and get assignments done for is difficult. School should be one subject; ex. Your first class is science, then you would only go to science class everyday for a month. That way you would be able to put all of your focus in that one subject and any extra curricular you may be in. Gym would also be a year long class, four hours of science, then lunch, then two hours of more science and then gym.

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(I’m having trouble explaining this, but it’s a good idea.) After your month of science is over you have a month or you next class, and it’s like that until summer break. All of your focus will be in one place. It’s hard to focus in class, students are often working on assignments for other classes because they weren’t using their time to their advantage. This way there’s no study hall to say “I’m just going to do this in my next study hall.” The students will listen to the lectures because they will have nothing else to do but listen.