Fluitec Wind Case Study

Establish for yourself a picture of a wind farm operator before and after the decision to exploit the use of predictive analytics through the adoption of Flutter Wind as a service provider. Fill in table below] 3. Moving beyond Flutter and their specific use of predictive analytics geared at reducing maintenance costs for wind farm operators: What could be other uses of predictive analytics in other industries that someone might use? ) Brainstorm one idea how predictive analytics could be used and describe it briefly in a couple of sentences (any industry; any idea; the more “out of the box” the better) Answer: ARTS games (Real time strategic games); Data, League of Legend Software developers could develop an analytics program to collect and analysis each repressions player’s habits In games b) What would be the benefit of using your predictive analytics Idea? It helps professional gamers to develop counter strategies on their competitors.

For instance, in Data and LOL, the analytics program could analyze each player’s preference on warding, equipment develop trend, blocking, responding time, characters pick (avatars)…. C) Which data would you need? Gamers command inputs on each actions.

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The wards’ coordinates on the game map, equipment purchase history, most frequent visited places on the map, most picked harassers/races and win-loss ratio on those characters…

Wind farm operator before adopting Flutter Wind Wind farm operator after adopting Fleece Wind Operations: Hire people monitor the turbines on site Hire people collecting turbines operating data on site People report product conditions through email, cellophane or physical reports. Operations: Less people collecting turbines operating data Monitoring each turbine’s condition on remote data center Automatic electronic alert system Management and Control: Find the error and report to the maintenance group

Production quantity is roughly estimated(overstock or understood) Integrate data from turbines’ operating condition with maintenance group Identify the right physical inventory to stock Planning, Corporate Learning, and Innovation: Roughly measure the wind resources Produce universal product or have few options Design a new product is very costly, because collecting data is a long process.

Accurately measure the wind resources Justify the products bases on geographic condition Identify the issues easily for improving the next generation products