Focus Strategy Case Study

What kind of strategy would small businesses like these Candler’s choose En competing with a mass-market competitor like Yankee candle? Think they should use the Focus Strategy. NH that approach? Lust focus on the group of people you are targeting not on all consumers. Yankee Candles will promote and target both men and female with all their scents.

So if you only carry scents for men then I would target women, men, children, etc. Who are buying an unique gift for man in their life. 2. How could Yankee Candle’s getting into the business actually help the smaller monitors?

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They can help the smaller competitors by promoting or advertising men scent in candles which in turn would give the consumer an idea to see what other type of candles are available for men. 3. Is having an absolutely unique product essential to be successful in the market? No, because Just because you may only have 1 scent of candles for a man doesn’t mean that you don’t have other scents that may sell Just as well to men.

4. Hands-on: Go online and look at the websites and products for the firms mentioned in this case. What would be the competitive advantage of each of the rims? As only able to find two of the websites that were describe in the article, Yankee Candle and Mandela. When looking at the websites, Yankee Candles site is more appealing to look and search for items because of it’s color and easy navigation buttons. Mandela offers more scents to men and easy to locate than Yankee Candle. Neat makes each of them different? Mandela – website background is dark, more like a man cave.

Offers very different scents that Yankee Candle. Ranker Candle – website colorful, easy to navigate. Don’t offer too many scents for