Option C – Focus

Sabina four case study should focus on a real organization.

Ideally, both of you should know something about this organization. Examples can include, but are not limited to, your organization, a branch of the armed services, an institution of higher learning, a place of worship, a store or restaurant in a national chain. Vow (and the partner of your choice) need to choose one of these (A, B, C or D) options. Paper should be 5-6 pages.

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Option A – Examine an organizational change recess/problem occurring within the organization (opts), choose a theoretical model or models (from text) that frames the change process and its role in the organization :opts). Discuss specific actions you would implement to facilitate the change process pets).

Develop recommendations that other organizations can learn from the organizational change that you have observed (opts). Use PAP style, references and excellent writing (opts).

Option B – Examine an organizational dynamic problem (such s communication, leadership, effective teams, influence and power, motivation or diversity) within the organization (opts). Identify how individual behavior affects this problem (opts) and how you would address this particular behavior so that the organization would benefit (opts). What theories would you incorporate to support [Our strategies? (opts) PAP style and excellent writing still count.

(opts) Option C – Focus on one or more challenges and/or opportunities in the organization (opts).

Develop reasonable solutions to the organizational dynamic problems observed using appropriate facts, concepts, principles, analytic techniques and theories (opts). Discuss evaluation techniques and evidence (assessment data) that you would Implement to measure organizational effectiveness (opts). And yes, PAP and writing style still count. (opts) Option D- You are examining a real life organization and observe many issues, some good and some not so good.

You are writing a book with

Deal and Bellman that has an important message, even several messages (3). It has an interesting perspective and offers reasonable solutions to organizational dynamic problem (3), that perhaps could even be shared with the leadership of that organization. It needs to have references and sources (3), backed up with appropriate theory to support your comments (3). And yes, great writing style and PAP notations are expected. (3).

Save the file as Alginates _Alginates. Doc or . RTF. Upload the file and submit it through the link below.