Formal Appearance

Education can be defined broadly. There are two forms, formal and informal. Formal, academic education and informal, are lessons you’ve learned from your family, friends, or experiences.

These two types of education can be extremely similar at points, but they’re not the same. They can also vary depending on the education level. School is normally the Formal way for education, but you can have online classes or homeschooling. School will provide you with multiple classes that teach you academically in many different subjects. As with most subjects, there will be a new mentor to teach you them.

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There will be many struggles in formal education as well in informal, you will be push to work hard. These are most things that can be sighted in formal and informal education. I’m not gonna get too much into informal education because I was taught formal all my life. From learning something new each year, with having it get more advance the next. It’s ok, don’t stress about how hard it’s gonna be, there is a placement test.

Placement test will see where you fall in at and where you need more help at in the subject. This is because they want you to get as much help as possible where you struggle, and become strong at the subject with more practice at it. I’ve always been in the advance class if not, I’ll later up end in there. Whether it’s hard or easy work I’ll breeze right through it, unless I have a problem then I’ll ask question about it and get help. I try to understand as much as I could because no one could help while during atest, it’ll always be silent.

Most of the time I’d feel like I understand most an test while I sit quietly observing it on my desk, but still score low. This is why I work hard and ask question about things that leaves me perplexed upon something I don’t understand well. I have plenty of stories to tell about my formal education at school. Like last school year when I was in this group call the Cougars. We had field trips to many places such as Xavier University, which was a good experience. First we had to sit in the building to listen to the administrator of the college, mostly everyone was bored of the tons of talking going on.

Now during the time the administrator was explaining everything with Xavier University She’d only called one of us up to explain what the Cougars is about. The person she had call up had been Walter, since he had his hand up. Everyone sighed depressingly knowing he would give the most boring summary of our group. Later while exploring the campus of Xavier University we went to many places. First I believe was the Catholic church built there, our legs crumbled there, having we couldn’t sit down. Next up coming to the library I believe, I can’t literally remember every detail in the order of places we went to though.

There was many exotic things there that’d look like it came straight from a museum! Some of these things were behind glass some weren’t, either way we still were told not to touch any of it. Now right next to these things was the library where we saw like one group of college students reading and a few college workers. Now this was extremely boring, but not as boring as hearing Walter talk, so it wasn’t really bothering me much. Next was the lunch room, then we talked to some college students, which one said they were going to become a doctor!