Four Years of Difference

High school is defiantly a time I am very looking forward to because I have been thinking of high school since I was in thee 6the grade because that is more when my family started to discuss it. I discussed it more because my brother was in high school and would tell me all about it. The high school I am going to is different from my current school and because of that, I am really nervous, I must admit that.

I am nervous for thee change. After being in thee same Catholic school for nine years, change is one big step. New year, new atmosphere, new teachers, new schedule, and a new adjustment. Once I walk in thee big square doors of high school, I can already picture myself. My eyes will be moving in every direction, my stomach will be in a knot that I won’t be able to untangle until I feel welcomed.

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I hope to get welcomed by new teachers who hopefully just adore me, and by new close friendships I will be able to make. Yeah, probably after thee first week of high school is done withe, I will probably get where to go, how to work, and maybe even make some really good friends. Change can be a gootheirng. But we will all have to face thee fact we are growing up.