Frederick Douglass Experiance

“If there is no struggle there is no progress.

” -Frederick Douglass Slave’s pain from brutal labor and demanding orders is pain that they had to learn to overcome, even though they thought their slavery was immutable. They sang songs the express their pain and despair in a secretive way. The slave songs are the secret language that is spoken via singing. In modern day, we can understand the meaning of slave songs. The deep meaning behind the slave songs show the pain, struggle, and hardships of the slaves.

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Relating back to quote, it is saying how there will certainly be hardships in everyone’s lifetime but once you hop over the roadblock you will achieve your desired goal. You need to learn your balance before you can ride a marathon, there will be moments when you plunge to the floor and think it’s then end from there on, but really there is a goal right at the end of your fingertips that you just need to reach a little bit farther to clutch. No one lives such a perfect that is equal to nirvana. Everyone has to get over rough patches. Frederick Douglass to be exact, he remained strong even under the ruling of his cruel and abusive masters. On Frederick Douglass’ way to success he left his footsteps all along the way, and to the end of the road.

Music can be a way of helping people through tough times. The song, “Titanium,” by David Guetta conveys the message that there are going to be people or things that are going to make you feel small and knock you down, but you will reach a point where you can just flick them off your shoulder and let them know they aren’t bothering you, never cry and imbue yourself in tears because then you will show them that it is affecting your emotions. Bullies are a bit like a marionette they like to pull your strings and control your emotions. The song can palpable ones heart and make them feel better about themselves. This song left me with a smiling visage.

“Titanium” has gone worldwide, and affected the lived of many. The song has been translated into many foreign languages. Including, Spanish, Italian, and French. The Spanish translated video has been seen by many, over seven million people. With that being stated, this shows how it had affected the lives of many worldwide.

“Titanium” was released in 2011 and it still has been raved about all over the world. The record speaks the message of not allowing people to push you down and make you feel smaller than you really are. It has not only affected the United States and I but now many different locations all around the world. This track affected the audience by making them aware of the meaning of the lyrics in the song. It helps emphasize the emotion it conveys by the amount of people and lives it has effected. The words “fire away” is a representation of how one could try to wound another but they will never pain you, even though there will always be someone that is galling.

From researching through various interviews and speeches by David Guetta I came to the conclusion that this song was originally written to stress the fact about bullying and to not let people upset or avail you. The story that is exposed behind the lyrics of this song is about a young boy who has been getting bullied and he finally gains his strength and voice and no longer allows people to push him around anymore like a punching bag. This has affected the audience because like many people know bullying is a vast issue all around the globe. But ultimately, bullying is something that may never water down. Some cases of bullying may be more severe than others but the main way to put a stop to bullying is not allowing one to get underneath your skin, even though it may be debasing. Bullying is also something that is seen in schools all across the globe and has attempted to become a precept and have everyone show humanity, and homage.

But knowing that I could relate to the message behind the song, if creates a less miniscule possibility that others may be able to as well. This song has personally affected me because I sometimes get dismayed and allow people to push me around. But after taking in the lyrics of this song, it makes me aware that I am just as special as everyone else and no one could tell me otherwise. Even the most confident people have their feelings plummet. The world is full of imperfect humans expecting each other to be perfect, it just doesn’t work.

That is why one needs to remind themselves that no one is perfect. This song personally helps me relax when I am stressed out. Whether, it is a grade, or friends “Titanium” helps me relax and helps me remind myself that everything will be restored. As I delve into the meaning of the lyrics I then realized how important this song was to me. When I first heard this track my initial thought was that it was very catchy.

But then as I investigated further I comprehended how meaningful these stanzas really were. “Titanium” and the quote are both manifesting hardships and how to overcome them. Also, that all good things come out of bad ones. In due course, the song “Titanium” is relevant to the quote because they are both a cry for help.