Frederick Douglass

You cannot see others human weaknesses, anxiety, and depression problems, but music helps them express themselves. “I’m breaking in, shaping up, then checking out on the prison bus” is a parallel experience to the slaves’ song. The slave songs all maintain a secret message or conjecture within the song.

Many of these songs confess that they must execrate something or rising above. “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons is a perfect example of rising above, self-empowerment. Just like the slaves songs, Dan Reynolds wrote “Radioactive” because of his struggle with anxiety and depression. If slaves never sang songs, then we would never have known their feelings, problems, and ideas. “Radioactive” helped not only Dan Reynolds, but also the world and individuals who also have problems with anxiety and depression.

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First of all, the song was affecting people all around the world who have and don’t have anxiety and depression problems. “The song has reached number one in Sweden and in the top twenty of several countries such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand as well as several parts of Europe,” according to the Rolling Stones. As evidenced by the fact that “Radioactive” was in the top twenty people enjoy this song because it helps them show who they really are and with any problems they are having, just like the slave songs. The slave songs exist because the slaves need to express themselves without truly saying what they need to say. The slaves have to express their feelings by using code language.

Also, many Americans struggle with anxiety in a year, and according to Anxiety and Depression Association of America “About 15 million U.S. adults, or 7 percent of the population, have social anxiety disorder in any given year.” “Radioactive” was written for people who struggle with anxiety and depression. The song helped those who were afraid to be who they really are, show the real them. People who struggle with anxiety have problems have problems saying what they mean, and the song helps them express themself.

“It’s about becoming self-empowered and rising above that. Dan Reynolds says, “I wanted to write a masculine and primal song about conjuring and rising above human weakness.” Everyone, at some point in his or her life, experiences some version of human weakness. This song is intended for them to overcome their problem and become stronger. Human weaknesses in a problem that many people have and he wants everyone to become one without your weakness! Not only did “Radioactive” help a majority of people who have human weaknesses, anxiety, and or depression problems, but it also helped Dan Reynolds express his problem. “Radioactive” has Dan’s problem with anxiety hidden within the lyrics.

Dan had a problem with anxiety and depression. “That’s basically a song about my struggle with anxiety and depression, Reynolds says.” Just like slaves, Dan was able to express himself thru song. If Dan never expressed his problem with human struggles, he would not have been has outspoken as he is now. People who struggle with anxiety and depression now have a chance to speak up.

Dan Reynolds is one of many artists who struggle with an issue, but he was able to share it thru song. Like Frederick Douglass once said, “If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” People who struggle with anxiety and depression will make progress because that is their struggle that will become less and less impacting.