Free Period

Man don’t you just want a day where you can hang out, play some basketball, and maybe even finish your homework.

So that’s why we should have a free period where we can play basketball, finish homework and be able to hang out. Of course school policies are included and it would be a great opportunity for the kids to have fun. This idea of having a free period might sound like den and where the kids who have passing grades get to go to the gym and hangout for the remainder of den. The thing is that it happens once every three weeks. It shouldn’t be like that and with this idea even the kids who aren’t passing get a chance to hang out and play some basketball and be able to finish that homework so they won’t fail and another thing is that the idea of a free period should be on both block days and once every two week so one week kids can hang out and play while on the other week teachers can make us do journal work.

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