Homework Free Essay Sample

Homework. Isn’t it the worst? What if you don’t have the time? Are you just going to stay up all night trying to get it done? Homework is an everyday activity, but some of us don’t have the time. When a loved one is in the hospital, homework is the last thing on our mind.

When they are close to being gone, we want to spend every minute with them, but if we don’t do our homework, we’ll fail. And who wants to fail? So, instead of spending time with our dying relative we have to do work. Sleep is very important for school work, but some people only have night to work. All their doing is wasting their time, having to deal with homework. Sleep is what helps our brain function, and if we lack it, then our brain is not at 100%, like it should be.

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Some teachers give students homework before a test. Yes it might refresh a kid at the time, but then he just stayed up, and now since he’s sleep deprived, so his brain will not work right. He most likely won’t remember everything then he’ll bomb the test. Giving a little refresh before the test could take away the time for homework. Giving kids test reviews before a test could help their scores go up. It gives our mind a little refresh and since their about to take a test they’ll remember unless their a goldfish.

In conclusion, homework should either be shortened or be taken out of school districts.