Freedom Isn't Free

Freedom is a word that means many different things, depending on whose perspective the definition is coming from. If you ask a veteran what freedom means to them, they will probably utter something about fighting and putting their lives on the line so that the citizens of this great nation can do what they want. If you ask an inmate, they will say that freedom is being far away from a prison cell. To citizens in a country controlled by a dictator, freedom would be living in peace without being under constant manipulation by their government. Freedom is not just a label on the lack of limitations, freedom is a way of life that we are very fortunate to be able to live.

No matter how different people’s personal definitions may be, some things remain the same throughout. Because of our freedom. “Freedom, n. The state of being free; independence; liberty; lack of restraint; absence of familiarity,” (New Concise Webster’s Dictionary) Freedom in itself, from this definition, means simply not being restrained or controlled. It means not being tied down or told what to do all the time by a higher power. This is similar to free will, which is more of a voluntary action.

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Synonymous with freedom is liberty, which ” is freedom from previous restraint ” (Webster). Inmates being released from their cells and returned to the streets are granted liberty from the cells and guards from their confinement. In America, we enjoy freedom from restraints of controlling government. We are able to live more freely than almost any other country on our planet and that is something that we should not take for granted. Under our democracy, we are free to do anything that we want to. Sort of.

Because of our freedom. “Freedom [free-duhm] noun 2. Exemption from external control, interference, regulation, etc.” (dictionary) This is perhaps the definition that seems the most normal to Americans. It makes sense because it shows that the free subject is not under the control of the third-party when a person is as free as animal in the jungle; they are able to live as they wish. There are some limitations to this freedom though.

For this concept to work within a community, some freedom must be infringed upon, to keep all safe. Without any rules, this freedom would turn into anarchy. In this chaotic state, people would hurt and kill people and there would be no punishment. Some powerful individuals or groups would seize control of the free people and we’d be right back to a dictatorship in this wild jungle of a world. A great example of how such total freedom leads to chaos is the book “The Lord of The Flies,” where a bunch of kids stuck on an island go basically crazy from the confusion and lack of order of a free community.

In order for freedom to work incommunities, some rules must be enforced. To be fair, no action can be made that takes away another person’s freedoms or else the concept of this imagined freedom contradicts itself. What I mean by this is that we should not be able to use our freedoms and privileges to cut down on others or take away their freedoms. It is our choice whether or not to do the right thing here. Because of our freedom. In the United States of America, there are many freedom-protecting rules, called laws, that keep us safe and from losing our freedom.

There are also more general guidelines that overlook the making of laws, that make sure that they do not infringe upon our freedom. These twenty-seven amendments protect our freedoms that are part of the constitution. I’ve got a couple favorites that I am glad are in existence. These amendments protect our rights.Because of our freedom. (“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

“) (LII / Legal Information Institute) In my personal definition of freedom, a thing of great importance to me is having the ability to protect my own freedom. I hope that I never have to use a firearm to defend myself, but if worst comes to worst, I want to be prepared. It is our right as Americans to own weapons that we can use recreationally, whether it be hunting or target shooting. It is also our right to use these firearms to defend ourselves against all threats, both foreign and domestic. Because of our freedom. “Freedom.

The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants,” (Oxford Dictionaries) Some of the greatest freedoms we enjoy as Americans are the freedom of speech and the freedom of expression. This gives us the right to share our opinions in a respectful way, without fear of repercussions. There seems to be a lot of controversy over what can and cannot be said and what is or is not considered politically correct. Regardless of how appropriate an opinion is, it is allowed to be spoken or expressed.Because of our freedom.

Along with this freedom comes responsibility.There are many choices we can make as free citizens that we should try to avoid at every cost, out of respect for others. For example, there is no law that forces anyone in the United States to stand and say aloud the pledge of allegiance or to remove their cap for the playing of the national anthem. Out of respect for those who have served and died or perhaps can no longer stand due to battle injuries, it is our civic duty to show these people the respect that they deserve. NFL players have been taking a knee during the anthem at games, or not even showing up on the field until after the song has been played.

In my opinion, this is one of the most disrespectful legal acts that someone can get away with. My grandpa served in the United States Marine Corps. and I was raised up to treat the flag, our anthem, and our soldiers with the utmost respect. I believe that we owe a lot of respect to those who gave life and limb to give and protect our precious freedom. Although I believe this, these actions are within their rights.

Because of our freedom. Freedom has many definitions and means different things to different people.We should use our freedom to our benefit without taking advantage of it.Just because we can do something, doesn’t mean we should.We are fortunate to have the opportunities that we have.

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