War or Freedom

“I have always thought that all men should be free; but if any should be slaves it should be first those who decide it for themselves and secondly those who desire it for others”. Those are the words of the man people say changed the future of races. What he said by those words clearly says he upheld slave acts. “Honest Abe” is what they called him and honest he was. Abraham Lincoln made positive changes in history by giving slaves freedom and also by uniting the North and South together.

Not many can contrast the work of Abraham Lincoln. He was born into a poor family who strived him to work at a young age. Little did they know he would become president. Most of his life was devoted to self education; his studies brought him to law and justice. As a lawyer and US representative with moral standards, he made effort to end slavery. A society in which whites had created a slavery issue towards blacks was a great deal to overcome.

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For years slavery has been here, Abraham Lincoln argued that everyone should be able to live freely and that slavery should be stopped. To him blacks weren’t just slaves they were people from our country trying to live the American life. His fight continued for years until the movement of the Civil War. Sides were to be picked, Lincoln favored the side to help the slaves. Again arguments followed. Northern and Southern states were now to vote yes for war or no for peace.

The South opposed, they were afraid Lincoln’s actions would remove their right to own slaves. After thousands of arrest and racial measures founded, the Final Proclamation was made. Lincoln had succeeded to abolish the slave act, its new found justice was effective January 1st 1863. The major change Abraham Lincoln made in our history was ending slavery. He battled his efforts to be a liberal for the slaves. This man’s courage was incredible.

He did not favor in was but justice for those who deserve it. Be the change, make something occur that all of us can see and revise.