Dress the Way

What makes a person different from others? How is a person able to set themselves apart from the others? What distinguishes a person amongst a crowd of people? Most people would say looks, clothing, hair, and appearances in general, but what people don’t think about is the one thing that without, people will all act the same. Without the freedom of speech, people would not be allowed to stand out; people would not be allowed to do anything out of the ordinary, make mistakes or do excellent.

In our generation, adults are going out of their ways to stop teenagers from exposing their true selves. Fellow peers are forcing them to be someone they aren’t. What happened to just being yourself? What happened to “Be who you want to be”?Why do people judge others before they hear their story? It is understandable that it is a natural instinct to look at someone’s appearance and come to a conclusion, however, to see someone and begin to spread rumours about his or her figure is atrocious. As a stranger off the street, you have no knowledge about their life, therefore any facts that can be gathered. To judge their appearance over character is pushing them down and not allowing them to explain the reasons behind their shell. Perhaps it is their culture to respect food and eat as much of everything as possible, maybe it is impolite to eat more than a spoonful of everything, perhaps it is considered beautiful to have rings surrounding your neck.

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Any situation is possible; it all depends on the environment that the person grew up in and what beliefs they follow. As a person who knows nothing of the other, you have no right to speak falsely on their image just to destroy what they have spent so hard creating just because you find it odd. To spread false words on another person is locking them out of the chance to explain themselves to the world.Along the halls of a high school corridor, there are statements being made that often the authority finds inappropriate. Things as small as having two piercings in one ear, scarves wrapped around necks, hoods hiding faces, pants riding low, tie-dyed shirts, and hats covering heads. The older generation doesn’t see the significance of each item from showing your boldness, to hiding a bad hair day, they don’t seem to understand what showing your true colours means.

To dress the way you act gives you an image that you want to portray, dress codes limits the freedom of expressing yourself through clothing.Spray paint, rap, graffiti, hip hop, engraving, and punk. These are forms of art that are frowned upon; they are either considered vandalizing, or a racket. Adults force these things to stop when really; it is a form of art. To be able listen to something that you can relate to emotionally and be inspired by is a gift.

To be able to design a piece of artwork that can allow you to speak you mind is a blessing. They are things that open doors to creativity.With detentions and punishments enforced with almost every statement made, there is no doubt that our future generation will all be created from the same slab of dull rock. Instead of giving in, stand up for your beliefs and understand that you have the right to act the way you want to, dress the way that brings out yourself, and do what you want to do.