My First Steps

My first stepsInto the open airThe wind blowing my hairAs the wind howls with happinessI am freeNo longer a child but an adultA girl who has just taken those few steps on her own Freedom feels greatThey say that it is tough in this worldBut I will make itI always doLife seems so simpleBut so many roadsSo many trees have fellSo many detoursI must survive thisIf I can’tMe being here is impossibleI can surviveI willTogether is no longer an optionYou must face the fact that you no longer can make corny jokes and mess around So why did you mess around beforeBefore life was a joke to youJust a place where you can do whatever you want to School, yeah it was for socializingYou did not learn a single thingI no longer need mama bird to stand behind meI am ready to fly, freely