Freshmen: The Logic Behind the Stereotype

Ok, I know you’re probably not paying attention. I wouldn’t be. Who cares what a bunch of sophomores have to say? They don’t like us anyway. Well you’re right.

We don’t like you. You’re freshman. You’re ‘below’ us. High school is a ladder and you just hopped on. Well guess what, it’s time you start climbing. Some of you will be smart, you might make it to the top by your second semester, I did.

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Some of you will be content to be immature and sloppy your first year, there are plenty of those. A few of you will just float in between. If you make it to the top right off the bat, you’re obviously pretty mature. You probably have older siblings, cousins, or just had to grow up fast. To those of you lucky ones, I’m sorry.

It’s going to suck for a while. None of the kids your age will really like you because you’re ‘no fun’ and you won’t find your older friends yet because you’re still a freshman. That word will haunt you for a while. Things will start to even out towards the second semester, you’ll be in classes with upperclassmen who won’t know you. Pull the right tricks and pretty soon people with be forgetting you’ve got that awful F label hanging over your head. Then, right as you’ve found some great friends and you fit in; the end of the year will creep up on you and most of your friends are graduating.

It’s hard, and I’m sorry. This is what’s happening right now. You’ll probably be pretty emotional. Angry that you’re only a freshman, sad that they’re all leaving, happy that the school year is ending. It’s going to be a really confusing time for you.Once again, I’m sorry.

For those of you content to just mess around and skid through your freshman year, reality check. Get your act together. Wanna know why we hate freshman so much? You are so IRRITATING. We get so frustrated listening to your immaturity and dealing with your stupidity. Maybe freshman wouldn’t be such a terrible label if you guys weren’t so, well, terrible! Turn in your homework, respect your teachers, and your upperclassmen. Do you think we find it amusing when you treat us and your teachers like crap? No, it’s rather appalling actually.

Are there still some of us who get a good giggle out of seeing a teacher a little flustered? Oh yeah. Especially when that teacher treats us like crap right back. But when you disrespect everyone? That’s not ok, if you want us to treat you like people then you have to earn it. Realize that we don’t hate you as an individual, well most of the time, but as a group. If some of you chose to take the initiative and make sure students aren’t acting up, freshmen wouldn’t be so terrible anymore. It’s ok to stand up to people.

Maybe your class won’t like it, but the upperclassmen are watching, and they’re looking at stuff like that. There’s probably some of you listening now, thinking hey, I don’t really fit in to either of those groups. Awesome! That really is pretty great. That means you’re still looking for where you fit in. Join a club! Meet new people! Go out for something you’d never have done before! Maybe you’ll settle into one of the previous groups. Maybe you’ll start a whole new group of people who are kinda friends with everyone.

The world needs more people like that. Bridge people. That’s what we’ll call them. Bridges between cliques and cliches. Now that we’ve established our three general groups of freshmen let’s move on to classes.

Freshmen year? Classes are a piece of cake. All you have to do is have a little respect and initiative. Homework is priority, please remember that. I know that it’s easy to get caught up in extracurricular activities but just remember, if you don’t do your homework, you fail, if you fail, no extracurriculars. Lockers, there’s this weird rumor going around that nobody uses lockers. Well let me set it straight.

LIES. Very few people never visit their lockers, and those are the ones who aren’t doing very well. Not setting stereotype, it’s just a general statement. I don’t personally go to mine very often, but only because I keep various books in various people’s lockers. Now, if you’re not capable of memorizing multiple combinations; or you’re just one of those people no one will trust with their combo this is probably not the solution for you.

It worked for me though. Now, lunch. Find a good table at the beginning of the semester, people you’re going to be able to stand ALL SEMESTER. Because once you choose your spot it’s like set in stone or something. I don’t know why, it just is.

I’m sure there’s some very long scientific explanation about the human mind and creatures of habit but the point is, pick a good spot. You guys have a bit of an advantage because you’ve been here for two years. I didn’t. I moved here at the beginning of the school year and sat with the first group of girls who didn’t look like they were about to bite my head off. It was the longest semester ever. Ok, listen up girls, because this parts for you.

There is no reason to be cruel to every girl you don’t talk to on a regular basis. NONE. They may not be your best friend, but, THEY’RE STILL A PERSON. So chill out with the death glares and evil snickers. It’s really quite terrifying and I believe if we put monsters room as high school girls the monsters would be the ones crying. This isn’t a bullying lecture it’s facts.

No one likes it, it doesn’t make you cool, or earn you brownie points. SO KNOCK IT OFF. Another thing, boys. Boys, boys, boys. Life does not revolve around boys.

Yes, I get it. They’re fun to look out and daydream about. But in the end, that cute senior who winked at you in class ends up breaking your heart. Trust me, been there done that. It hurts, so so much.

But, I know you probably won’t listen to me because I didn’t listen when I was in your position. Just be careful and don’t be stupid. Which brings me to the guys. I don’t really know what to say to you because I’m a girl…. OH.

Fart noises are so junior high. Get over yourselves. And the word sex. Get over that to because I’m sick of the childish giggles. Well, I hope you found this essay useful, I’ll admit I had fun writing it.

Take my advice to heart, or don’t. I don’t know you, I don’t like you. You’re freshmen. Come find me of you want. Or don’t.

I don’t care. But prove yourself to me and I will, a lot of us will. So come on freshmen. Judgement day is coming. August is creeping closer, and before you know it, that big F label will be hanging over your head.

It’s your choice on how you wear it. We’re waiting.