From an Adolscents Point of View

Insecurity, a 5 syllable word that has a simple meaning. We are the type of animals that never really feel 100% good about ourselves. We not only worry about what people think of us, but also what they see. But why is this all so important to us? Why do people act the way they do? Being insecure can be a tight spot.

You never know where you’re safe, you aren’t comfortable, and you feel out of place everywhere you go. It’s hard to e a kid especially in today’s world. Adults may tell you “I was a kid once.” And in truth be told, they were, but it’s not the same. That was then and this is the present, not the past, from my view the world is a pretty big dump.

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And also in my view the glass is half empty. But your view may be different. When you look at others what do you see? Room for improvement, facts about them, how they act? Maybe what their nationality is. But why do they dress and act this way? They feel it suits them. From an adolescents point of view we are all different. We each try to set ourselves apart from each other in our own special ways.

I personally wear blue a lot that’s from the same brand because that’s normally how people remember me. But sometimes people dress what we look at as “the wrong way.” A way that, isn’t quite them. Because they are trying to be something their not. It doesn’t get much worst than that, being something you’re not is like calling your self nothing and telling yourself that you can’t be different. Why do people talk like they do? In middle school, it’s all about fitting in.

And sometimes it has to do with the way you talk. People say “that’s retarded” and “that’s so gay,” because that’s the way that their friends talk. Since they see other people whose names are well-known in the school say it, they feel that if they talk that way then they will be cool too. This goes the same way for how people just act in general. People are fake and people are really but you never really know which is who. The only thing you can do is accept who they are and try to put up with them.

It may get better as we get older (or at least that’s what people tell me) but there really is nothing we can do. You can’t tell someone to change and expect others to do what you say. In fact they would most likely do the opposite and just try to make you angrier than you already were/are. Or at least, that’s how it is from an adolescent’s point of view.