Functional Area Plan: Information Technology Systems

The Information Systems Functional Area must focus on the technology infrastructure and systems to support Zilack’s business model of projected growth. Include the following manageable parts of the updated Information Systems Functional Area plan: Explains how the Information Systems Functional Area will adhere to a code of ethics available for stakeholders In the fast changing world of global business, we are constantly forced with new challenges and new opportunities.

This can be unsettling, and its not always clear how we should behave in a certain situation or where boundaries lie in terms of what is acceptable to our colleagues and customers. A description of issues affecting the Information Systems Functional Area. Dedication Research The Problem Information Flow Explains new ideas for updating the Information Systems Functional Area The multidimensional organizational structure may incorporate several structures at the same time.

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For example, an organization might have both traditional functional areas and major project units. When diagrammed, his structure forms a matrix, or grid . One advantage of the multidimensional organizational structure is the ability to simultaneously stress both traditional corporate areas and important product lines. A potential disadvantage is multiplelines of authority. With this situation, an employee will have two bosses or supervisors: one functional boss and waytoresolve this problem is to give onebosspriorityifthereare problems or conflicts.

  • Innovation Strategy: Finding new ways of doing business, which include the development of unique products and services or entry into unique markets or market niches.

A company can create new products and services that include IT components, develop unique new markets with the help of IT, or make radical changes to business models or business processes with IT for producing or distributing products and services that are so different from the way a business has been conducted that they alter the fundamental structure of an industry.

  • Growth Strategies: Significantly expanding a company’s capacity to produce goods and services, expanding into global markets, diversifying into new products and services, or integrating into related products and services.

A company can use information systems to manage regional and global business expansion. • Alliance Strategies: Establishing new business linkages and alliances with customers, suppliers, competitors, consultants, and other companies. These linkages may include mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, forming of “virtual companies,” or other marketing, manufacturing, or distribution agreements between a business and its trading partners.

A company can use the Internet technology to develop inter-enterprise information systems that support strategic business relationships with customers, suppliers, subcontractors, and others. Applications Development ; Programming Describes how Information Systems Functional Area can support production, inventory, sales, and marketing to assure Zilack can meet its business objectives. Examples are as follows: Defines and differentiates its product offerings.