UPS: Management Of Information Systems

Management of Information Systems List the various ways that AID (Delivery Information Calculation Device) Improves customer service

AID can improve their customer services by using real time tracking and data tracking in order to track the customers’ packages. By tracking the customers packages, they are able improve the reliability and the efficiency. This also improves the speed of delivery and delivers the packages on time. The other way is by using devices that scan the packages to provide information about the packages. This reduces the risk of entering wrong data.

Write out the steps a package takes from pick-up by a UPS driver to delivery Including the role of AID, the USPS Data Center, and the UPS Package Center. The first step is for the customer to enter the information about the packages and the destinations where they will be delivered. The second step is to send the data to the Pup’s main database. The UPS system will then label each package and attach them for shipping. The third step is for the UPS driver to pickup the package and use the AID devices that will show the packages information and destination.

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The forth step Is for the driver to scan the packages which automatically sends the package’s Information to the Pup’s mall database. This will allow the customers to track their packages. The final step is for the UPS database to automatically update and store the information about the package in order to choose the best route for delivery. What role does wireless communication play in the UPS system? List the different types of wireless connection and describe their functions? Wireless communication allow for better flexibility and real time data In the package ND delivery operation of UPS.

With the various types of wireless technologies USPS AID have built in features such as: GAPS 802. B Wireless Support Bluetooth: can easily connect and interconnect with peripheral devices GAPS: this will allow drivers to easily find pickup and delivery locations for packages Why don’t UPS use much more powerful and smaller smartness like the phones or Android? UPS can support strategic operation goals by having a strong research and technology development department. AID is designed for this special application to elect and processing package and delivery data.

On the other hand Androids are open source software that are not purposely designed for a robust technology. Why the AID V better than AID ‘V? In terms of Hardware, the AID V has a processor that runs at a speed of 1 GHz with a capacity of 1 KGB flash memory.

On the other hand, AID IV has 128 MBA and a much slower processor. Furthermore, AID V provides roaming feature and can switch to wireless depending on which signal is the strongest. In addition, it provides navigation where UPS can easily track the driver in real time.

Moreover, urgent messages can be sent to alert the driver. Finally, there is a decent camera to provide proof of delivery via a picture or capturing the barded. How does Pup’s investment in IT help it achieve the strategic business objectives described in Chapter 1? Operational distinction: UPS constantly desire to achieve higher profitability by improving efficiency, performance and increasing revenue as a business.

Constant Upgrades: USPS made an upgrade from AID ‘V to V in order to meet customer satisfaction by making their services more efficient, advanced, and up to date.