Project in Information Systems

Improve Performance The class scheduling system is meant to ease time tabling in learning institutions. It will enable the institution change its time table every semester easily, contrary to the manual system, which is tedious and time consuming. The new system will also be able to satisfy the preferences of student departments and professors regarding the time table up to 85%. Improve Information (Data) Class scheduling system will have precise and clear data with no ambiguity. The implementation of this system will ensure that the data available to users is 90% reliable and comprehensible.

With the implementation of class scheduling system, information will be aailable to users online different from the manual system of scheduling, where information can only be accessed on noticeboards only. Improve Economics (Cost Control, Increased Profit)The system will schedule classes in such a way that institution’s resources are economized to around 80%. Classes will be fully utilized as well as time and human resources. Students will have sessions in the most appropriate class rooms and at the most appropriate time for professors and departments. This will be achieved, since there will be no confusions about venues and time slots. Improve Control or Security The system will protect the scheduling data and maintain it in a reliable state.

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The institution will enjoy data, which is prone to be alterations up to only 10%. Improve the Efficiency of People or Processes The system will ensure that there are no classes that are colliding in the venue for different courses or in time for the same course. Therefore, it will be 85% efficient and convenient for both students and professors regarding classes.Improve Service to Customers The system’s interface will be 100% user affable to enable all categories of users to access the system conveniently. Therefore, the system will have an interactive interface, which will enable the users to expediently access information.