Gay Marriages

Gay marriage is a term used to mean same sex marriage. This can be legally or socially accepted as a marriage between two persons of the same sex; for example male and male and female to female. In the recent past various countries have shown their support for the same sex marriage and they have gone to the extent of formalizing it and recognition of such marriages as a civil right.

There has been a conflict on whether such persons should be allowed to enter into marriage or whether they should use a different status like a civil union. This status enables the gay to have equal or limited rights in comparison to universally recognized marriage between a man and a woman. Gay marriage has been viewed by many as a violation of human rights in that Gods original plan was for a woman to be married by a man. Those in support for same sex marriage argue that when such couples are denied legal access to marriage as their counterparts, it will amount to discrimination which will be based on sexual orientation. This will not go well with the current global movements which advocate for the equal treatment among all human beings as long as it will not infringe on another human beings right. This thus calls for a level ground when dealing with marriages of all types.

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This simply is to drive the point that no marriage is superior to the other and both should be supported. Also, same sex marriage has been supported on the grounds that psychological, financial and physical empowerment is enhanced by marriage. This is a clear indication that some individuals wellbeing entirely depends on the inner peace that comes with the recognition that they are legally accepted and that they have nothing to be afraid of. This in the long turn empowers them financially, in that they can be able to start their own businesses, go to work and earn income as their counterparts without discrimination. This enables them to earn their daily income and pay for their bills. Psychological empowerment is as a result of having the inner peace and thinking freely without any fear.

When an individual is not psychologically set they are at risk of falling into stress which may grow into depression and finally lead to death. This is because of the thought that they are lesser of human beings lowers their self esteem and thus affecting their overall output. (Polikoff 2008) In gay marriages children are in most cases adopted preferably from children homes and also from those families who may not have the capacity to bring up their own children maybe due to death, lack of finance, unplanned pregnancies or even the need to pursue their careers and dreams. Married gay couples are probably more likely to adopt children more than their counterparts the straight ones. This has made the adoption agencies to have an easier time when placing orphans under their care. Children raised from such marriages benefit more if they are raised up by two parents who are within a legally recognized marriage institution which is supported by the society and its frameworks.

This gives the children an opportunity to go on with their lives as normal children and not to be treated with suspicion. Singleling out same sex marriages amounts to stigmatization and discrimination against them. Those against gay marriage have been arguing that children raised in such marriages are denied the chance of being raised by parents of both sexes. Same sex marriage has also been viewed as a universal human right and equal treatment before the law of a country or a nation. And opposition on this is regarded as originating from homophobia or basing of ideas on past prohibitions and inhibitions on same interracial mariage. In the past same sex marriage was seen as going against the rules of the society and thus no one came forward publicly to announce or even reveal their state.

This in turn led to the practicing of gay relationships in private which in the long run risked them health wise. This is because they did not know how to protect their health and also where to go for help when they where were faced with a problem. When human rights got a wind on its existence they encouraged them to go public and that their rights were to be observed. (Hull 2006) Hull is in support of the same sex marriage on the basis that it offers civil right to a minority group. In this case the said group makes a small percentage of the total population. This shows that in the present time the practice has not been adopted by many individuals but still, the few who have adopted it should not be left out rather they should be included in the general frameworks in existence in the society and if need be they should revise strict rules against them.

According to an American history scholar Nancy Cott, she argues that there is nothing which can be likened to marriage except marriage. This clearly shows that marriage is an institution which should be accorded high recognition and that each individual who wants to enter into it should be given an opportunity no matter their sexual preference. This also shows that gay marriage is a personal choice made by an individual with a sound mind without any pressure and because of this; they should have the privilege to decide on who they want to marry and experience marriage with the person of their choice without any inhibitions. And it is only through this that their dream of being in marriage will be fulfilled. (Cott 2002)Marriage brings about positive impacts in an individuals live and gays are no different. Survey has shown that married people tend to be financially stable and also they excel professionally.

This is reached upon all other things remaining constant. Than those who don’t get married. Married people are also less prone to other social ills. So in order to benefit a nation, more people should be encouraged to get married thus boosting the whole economy. This serves as a confirmation that same sex marriage just like the universally accepted marriage will improve the moral standings of a community in general not taking into consideration the sex of an individual.

There is also the fact that letting people do what they want increases their overall social utility as long as it does not stop other people from doing what they want to do. And also it should not infringe into other peoples rights. Having freedom and the opportunity to make a choice is in itself a benefit to an individual and increasing it is definitely good thing. Lawyers can also have more work due to the constant drawing up of pre nuptial agreements between couples who want to get married and also they will litigate divorces from partners who either want to end their gay marriage or start one. These impacts positively on the lawyers who will be working on their case and in the long run boost the economy.

Also, more people will be covered by the health insurance cover which is essential for married couples under employment provided plans. This also gives the insurance people a reason to be in business and thus impacting positively on the economic sector. (Badgett 2009) Marriage enables gay people to learn how to take care of the other person and also be able to make decisions on their behalf when they are not in a position to do that. This mostly occurs when they are sick, disabled mentally or physically and when they are not in a position to make decisions on their own. Gay marriage will give the partners a chance of a next-of-kin status in their documentation, for visits in hospital, when making medical decisions when one partner is too ill or when there is need to sign up for a medical procedure like an operation Marriage also gives them a chance to learn how to live with people from other backgrounds harmoniously.

In this case gay people get to learn how to interact with the other person who is not family and learn how it is. This gives them a Chance to have a sense of belonging both at home and also to the outside world. In that they learn that people have different tastes and preferences and that they expect to be treated that way without prejudice. Whether conservatives accept it or not, gay people are everywhere. And they are getting married, forming families, bringing up children and getting to interact and know more people. This clearly shows that Gay marriage its coming up and that there is no turning back.

And the faster it is accepted the better for everyone in the society as whole. There is no proof to show that those in different sex marriage are any happier more than their counterparts. This therefore discourages the thought that in order for one to be happy, they have to be in a heterosexual marriage. Basically, happiness is created by individuals and not the institution that an individual is in. if same sex marriage is not allowed, you will be seeing a lot of happy families who are not married which will send a message that you don’t have to be married in order to be happy or to be happy with your spouse.

Where there is understanding, people just get along fine. In the near future generations, peers are going to see their friends who are gay couples and leading normal lives just like them. This will make all humans equal in the eyes of the law without any prejudices and pre-judgment. (Snyder 2006)When people in opposite sex marriage get into terms with their true sexuality they end up in divorce. If same sex marriage will be codified, then there will be a progress towards the acceptance of gay marriage by the institutions in place.

This will in turn reduce the number of gay people who will enter into opposite sex marriage and end up divorcing later. This is usually resulted to because of the pressure from the society which discriminates on same sex relationships. In the ultimate end divorce will be reduced and thus the society will be a better place to live in. Also those in marriage have a lesser risk of contracting sexually related diseases. This is whether they are gay or straight. This is basically because they are able to get what they want from their couples and thus their need to go out of marriage is slim.

This has been because marriage reduces casual sex which is derived from multiple partners. With marriage a gay couple can be able to have a joint insurance cover thus it will be cheaper for them. They can also own and acquire property jointly which is much easier than doing that separately. There are also benefits like pension plans, social security plans, and medical plans. Also when they are married, they can be able to make wise and profitable decisions because of the joint line of thought. When people are together they tend to support each and even give up something for the other.

When married couples tend to do everything with their partners wellbeing in mind, it means they are more likely to make informed decisions. From the above its clear that gay marriage is existent and there is no way that it can be denied. And because of this, they should be given a chance to marry and enjoy benefits found in marriage as any other human being.