Gen 480 Ethics Awareness Inventory Analysis

Ethics Awareness Inventory Analysis Student name Date Instructor name University of Phoenix Ethics Awareness Inventory Analysis Ethics is standards of what individuals may think the right or wrong. This paper is aimed at interpreting the results of the Ethics Awareness Inventory and how the inventory is applies to a person’s personal and professional development.

A statement explaining how my educational experience has affected my critical thinking is also discussed in this paper.

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The analysis will also address the use of ethics regarding thinking and decision-making, and the potential conflict in situations with people who have different interpretations of ethical behavior. Based on the Ethics Awareness Inventory results, my ethical profile is mostly aligned with obligation and least aligned with equity. My ethical profile is more concerned with my obligation to do what is right or wrong. A person’s obligation could mean his or her promise, duty, or something he or she is bound to do.

However, I was surprised with my results as I was not expecting my most aligned ethical profile to be obligation.

Although there was no right or wrong answers with the inventory, the inventory definitely made me understand some of my decision made and the mistakes made based on my approach. Most of the time, I act before I think of possible solutions to deal with problems or situations. However, my educational experience has changed my ethical thinking as what I may think is right may not be correct as my beliefs may not be in the best interest of the situation.

For example, one of my coworkers was dressing improperly at work but instead of addressing the issue with her or management, I spoke about my opinion to fellow coworkers.

In whichThis caused drama within the workplace as my intentions were not meant to be harmful but in actuality, it was. Looking back at my experiences and lessons taught in my education shows that I should have approached management with the issue so that the conflict could be handled in the best way possible. Conclusion

In conclusion, it is very important for individuals to understand his or her ethical profile as it helps him or her understand his or her way of thinking. “Ethics is the philosophical study of standards of conduct and value” (Ethics, 2005) and a person’s upbringing can also have an effect on his or her beliefs. Ethics is an important aspect of individuals within the business environment as clients tend to deal with companies that have honest, patient, and compassionate workers.

Therefore, ethics must be maintained to ethics information is properly handled and company’s missions are achieved.

References: Ethics. (2005). In Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science. Retrieved on July 20, 2012 from http://www. credoreference.

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