Feasibility Report Distributed Hotel Inventory Management System

TABLE OF CONTENTS S. No| Particulars| Page| 1| Problem Specification| 1| 2| Feasibility Study| 2| 3| Gantt Chart| 3| 4| Commercial Potential| 3| * Introduction The aim of this project is to provide a distributed and automated system for hotel inventory management which facilitates the managers with less work, more visibility, easy decision making, improved efficiency and reliability. PROBLEM SPECIFICATION Problem specifications of our projects are discussed below Project Needs

Advancements in technology have also changed the trends for software development. Demanding customers, increased competition are driving the hospitality industry to gain better flexibility and control of operations.

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Business is now not only limited to one city, it is expanding day by day. Data centralization cause managing issues where companies having multiple branches. Manual systems prevents from utilizing accurate and up-to-date inventory information needed to deliver quality customer care and service. Project Objectives

Our objective is to develop a distributed application with dual interface (Web & Local Machine Interface) that enables * All managers and staff access to the same up-to-date information, giving all employees peace of mind * Equipped with real-time information * To give accurate reports about what inventory is in stock and spend less time troubleshooting * Ensuring that everyone has the information they need, when they need it. Project Boundaries This project is specifically build for hotels and will provide a distributed system for managing hotel inventory which includes supply, ingredient, ccounts, staff and transaction management. This system will provide a complete solution to the business owner to track and control the inventory overall.

FEASIBILITY STUDY Feasibility study conducted once problem is clearly understood. It is a high level capsule version of the complete system-analysis and design process. The purpose is to determine at the minimum expense and how quickly resolve the problem and to determine that the problem is solved. There are following feasibilities in the following ways. Technical Feasibility

For development we are using Intel Dual Core PCs/Laptops, their specification are * Processor 2.

4 GHz (2 CPUs) * RAM 2 GB After development we will need two PCs/Laptops and internet connection . where PCs/Laptops will have their own database and connected through internet connection which will serve as communication channel. Software required for the development of this distributed application is * Visual Studio 2010 * SQL Server Express 2008 In visual studio package we will use ASP. net framework and C# language, where Asp. et will be used for creating server-side script, dynamic HTML, to designing web interface of application while C# will be used to design local machine interface.

SQL Database will be used in each partition to store data. Scheduling Feasibility The time frame for project completion is 4-6 months and estimated completion time is till 20 September, 2013. We have developed Gantt chart (Fig. 1) in which we have represented our project schedule. We will utilize time and talent in best manners to ensure that project meets the completion date.

Our project is feasible from scheduling perspective.

Financial Feasibility In existing hotels systems records are maintained in many registers/books that is a costly affair and some other automated systems are using centralized database approach, that cause processing overheads and data integrity problems. We are going to reduce these drawbacks by keeping data in the digital format and with the distribution of data that is reliable and inexpensive. Since this system is financially feasible. Operational Feasibility The main purpose of this project is to develop automated and distributed program for hotel inventory management.

The users of this project will easily interact with this software as they will be trained in this area. This system will be used effectively and results in workforce reduction. Therefore this project is operational feasible. Social and Ethical Considerations Our purpose of developing this software is to facilitate business owner with automated inventory management system. This software will be developed for learning process and will have positive effects on public.

We have not theft the copy right of any pre-existing software similar to our product.

Development of this software is legal as we are developing this software as final project which is a degree requirement for a student of BS (CS). Till this software is property of AJK University. GANTT CHART A Gantt chart is a visual representation of a project schedule. It is useful in planning how long a project should take and helping to sequence the events by laying them out in the order in which the tasks need to be completed.

Gantt chart of our project is shown in fig. 1. Commercial Potential of Software

Information technology, especially the Internet, has transformed the modern business environment. Some of our target customers are using manual system for inventory management and some are using automated inventory management systems with centralized database approach. We are going to facilitate our customers with latest product.

Our product fulfils the future needs by giving improved share ability, availability, reliability and performance. This is distributed database application for businesses those are not limited to one region. Our product has potential to be a market leader. Fig. 1 Gantt chart