Report Based on Holiday Inn Hotel

Weakneses Therefore Holiday Inn does not focus on food serving and the main problem is that Guests have to walk through the gardent to get to Holiday Inn’s restaurant. This is a very bad point of it, mostly if it is raining.

It also does not have an outdoor playground for children. Opportunities As we mentioned that Holiday Inn Hotel does not focus on food So We think there is an oppurtinity to develope it’s restaurant and serve other type of food not just english and american and we also think if they build a new outdoor playground they would have more families at their hotel.

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We also found that Holiday Inn hotel does not have as much last minutes offers for families as other 4 or 5 stars hotels. We believe that it would encourage people to spend some day in this Hotel if it offers more last minutes possibilities. What is more, Holiday Inn charges guest for using the internet.

This compared to Luton Hilton which allowes guest to use the internet for free, while they are staying in the hotel. Holiday Inn should have a free internet possibility for guest. (www. hiltonhotel. co.

uk) Threats

As we mentioned, people who stay in Holiday Inn have to walk outside the hotel to get to the restaurant, this is a very serious threat. There could be some people, who would chose another hotel to stay in instead of Holiday Inn because of it. For example, Luton’s Holiday Inn is quite far from the city centre, and more expensive than some other hotels. For instance EasyJet hotel is situated near to the train station and to the town centre so people can get everywhere easily from there and it is cheaper than Holiday Inn however they can not offer as much services as Holiday Inn and their standar is not as high as the Luton Holiday Inn’s .

Conclusion In conclusion Luton Holiday Inn is one of the fastest developing local hotels suitable for everyone not only for the richest part of the society. Hotel is recommended especially for business people.

There is a lot of facilities provided to make theirs meetings more comfortable and also many facilities which can help to refresh and relax after a long conference.

However each potential client with their family can easily enjoy staying at the hotel therefore many great offers and packages. Comparing to other hotels with similar standards, Luton Holiday INN presents very rich and interesting offers with suitable prices. There are a lot of pleased customers who regularly visit the hote. Holiday Inn despite of some weaknesses like lack of fine restaurant still able to continue success mission on a market and improve that it is still part of the industry.