Hilton Hotel

Hilton hotel is a global hospitality company with more than five hundred hotels and resorts in seventy eight countries in six continents. It has lodgings ranging from luxurious full-service hotels and resorts to extended-stay suites and mid-sized hotels (Hilton Worldwide, 2012). The hotel was the first to develop the concept of franchising hotels.

It has also succeeded in many innovations such as developing the first airport hotel, introducing the first multi-hotel reservation system, and was also the first to become the United States coast-to-coast hotel chain (Hilton Hotels and Resorts, 2012). The hotel offers services such as accommodation, leisure, business facilities, meetings and events services, restaurants, and lounges. The hotel’s vision is “To fill the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality” while its mission is to be the only hospitality company serving global customers (Hilton Worldwide, 2012). They are determined to serve their guests exceptionally well. Leadership and team work is their core value. This research paper discusses the hotel’s current customers, including their demographics and resources they can use in the hotel, its current marketing efforts, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, product development, and promotion stratgy.

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Analyzing the Current SituationHilton hotel provides both human and nonhuman resources to customers. It has well trained staff who works hard to ensure that customers are satisfied and the hotel’s goals are met. The administrative staff includes accountants, who handle invoices and paychecks, human resource managers, who hire and fire staff, front office workers, who manage the hotel’s calls, and sales and marketing managers, who advertise and market the hotel. The operations staff includes front office workers who check-in guests, engineers, who oversee maintenance, construction and emergency services, information technology technicians, who maintain the hotel’s computer system, food and beverage staff, who ensure that high quality food and beverage are made, event coordinators, who ensure that every event in the hotel runs as planned, executive chefs who oversee menus and ordering of food, and security officers, who are in charge of security in the hotel. Moreover, the hotel provides customers with accommodation, business facilities, meeting and event services, restaurants, lounges, and Internet services.

The resources are specious to provide customers with the best comfort they deserve. The hotel also believes in exercising for good health. It has state-of-the-art recreational facilities such as swimming pool, basketball and tennis pitches. It also provides visitors with indoor games such as draft, chess, and table tennis. The hotel targets people who travel for business purposes and leisure. It is located mostly in major cities, beside airports, and near recreational centers in known tourist attraction countries.

Currently the hotel strives to market its products and services through both electronic and print media. Since it is an international hotel, it utilizes international media such as CNN station to market. Having realized that social media marketing reaches a very large audience, it created both Facebook and Twitter fun pages to market and interact with clients all over the world.

The hotel also utilizes its strong brand to market. It combines unique names, symbols, and designs to identify its products and services (Gannon, 2011). This makes their products and services different from competitors’. Brand marketing is important to the hotel since it makes clients see it as the only hotel that can satisfy their needs. It helps keep the company’s image in the minds of potential customers.

The strong brand has projected the company’s image of size, quality, experience, and reliability.