Swot Analysis of Hilton Hotel

SWOT analysis of Hilton hotel Strengths • Hilton Hotel Corporation (HHC) is a well established organization and industry leader in the hotel, hospitality and gaming industry • HHC is well diversified across the industry with hotels in the high end, business and mid-priced classes in their product mix • HHC also possesses solid integration features such as owning the companies that manufacture its furniture and has invested in online reservation travel enterprises Weaknesses HHC may be two narrowly focused making it vulnerable to a downturn in the global economy and other world-wide catastrophes that could limit global travel such as the bird-flu and a significant terrorist strike • HHC may be vulnerable to workers’ strikes and crack down on undocumented workers in the U. S.

Most of its holdings are in the U. S. Opportunities • HHC should offer an array of distinctive and specialized services to the high end guests and high rollers such as • Wedding planning & hosting • Spas that specialize in personal services Personal trainers • HHC should look to expand into or acquire a cruise line • A cruise ship is little more than a hotel that floats this would essentially match what it currently does with its leased properties • Gaming activities would escape regulation, etc. • Take advantage of emerging markets, especially with business class and mid-priced markets Threats • HHC must be careful not overextend its efforts to mix entertainment and gaming • Also the extension of credit and other side effects of gaming can slowly but surely nibble away profits September 11th was a major blow to the hotel industry. A similar event could result in another down turn.

By studying national and regional industry trends, HHC will be able to take advantage of opportunities that will enable growth while identifying threats that may affect profitability. Growth in the hotel and hospitality industry will include a continued focus on gaming, international expansion and using all media to promote its products to potential customers.One recommended strategy for Hilton is to emphasize the importance of family in all its hotels, including the gaming and casino locations. Las Vegas has spent millions to attract families by adding children’s attractions as well as the traditional casinos for the adults. Most of the hotels have at least a small area dedicated to arcade games. However, some hotels have elaborate arcades, game areas, and child-care centers intended for those traveling with children (Hilton Hotels Corporation, 2007).

Hilton needs to ensure they are right in the middle of this demographic of parents traveling with children. While the focus can still be on the high dollars that are tossed around in the casinos by the parents, it will be critical that the hotel have the facilities available that will attract parents with children to stay at the property. Since there is a greater demand and vacation time has become one of the few times that families are able to spend quality time together, Hilton must capitalize on this market segment.