Information System Strategy Analysis on Adamson Hotel

Through the environmental analysis, the business objectives were identified and in order to achieve these objectives, the current activities of the Hotel must also be identified as to understand the surrounding environments from different approach that may affect the business processes before proposing any new system initiatives to the hotel. Hence, the Earl’s Three Pronged Approach has been adopted to illustrate the value of Information System to Adamson Hotel business if the system provides a high or low in business value and technical quality and created a list of information systems initiatives.

In addition to that, from the list of initiative systems, impact of the system to the hotel have been summarized, with development method of the system implementation date and duration of implementation where priority, risks, goat posts and payoffs of each initiatives with implementation have been further elaborated and issues to be considered before and after implementation of the system approach. 1. 0 introduction 1.

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1 Background

Adamson Hotel is three (3) star budget hotels that located in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, it located in Jalan Raja Muda Abdul Aziz Penang, Kuantan, Kota Bharu also in Langkawi. Adamson Hotel is a 3 star hotel known for comfort for the travelers, it located in the central, it retains the Islamic concept as a business base. It has number of seminar and meeting rooms with a memorable service for their customers. 1. 2 Vision ; Mission Vision

The vision of Adamson Hotel is to become 4 star business hotel around Malaysia, and it is to establish a dynamics and successful group of hotels and hospitality related businesses with a team of dedicated and knowledgeable people who strike constantly to devise the best approaches, strategies, products and services at lower costs than the competitors to the ever changing markets though continual regeneration of the resources mix with the external environment to satisfy the expectations of the customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers and communities.

Mission To make the Adamson hotel to be the region’s premier business and leisure hotels & resorts and provide personalized services through our exceptional customer service and offering quality products.

Analysis 1. STEEP Analysis This is a tool used to evaluate various external factors that are may have or have impact on the competitiveness of industries and companies. These factors are categorized on the STEEP, an acronym for Social, Technological, Economical, Ecological and Political.

The environment plays a big role in the survival of an industry and the impact of these factors thus; positive, negative or neutral may bring about an effect to the industry which can be an oopportunity or threat (Groucutt, 2006). Moreover, through recognizing the importance of the environment in relation to the hotel industry in Malaysia the consultants will use this tool in identifying all trends and events happening in the surrounding environment and relate its impact to the hotel industry. In general the tool will aid the consultants in strategy formulation.

Refer to table below is the STEEP analysis for the general hotel industry in Malaysia. Factors| Trend/Event| State| Justification| Social| | | | Lynas is the Australian rare earth mining that had a plan with the Malaysia’s government to open the rare earth refinery project in Gebeng-Pahang. Lynas Issues at Malaysia (28 February 2012)| Trend| Neutral| This is natural to the hotel industry because there will be decrease of attractive tourists coming to Malaysia and the situation that might be dangerous that happen at Malaysia recently. Malaysia is classified as an upper-middle income country and considered as one of the most developed of the developing countries. | Trend| Ppositive| So the Income gaps between social classes have a negative impact on the tourism industry. As in Malaysia, where the upper-middle income is dominating the society, the people in Malaysia Their incomes are very low.