Genre and artist case study

Bands Like these took punk to the next level and started experimenting with new sounds; they kept the mall ethos of punk, but experimented with image, making it more arty and different with synthesizers being added to the mix. This genre also added elements from ass’s disco. ‘Post-Punk also drew on ass’s disco and club, adding a dance-ability that punk never had. ‘ – Paul Rhodes www. Wine. Com The Post-Punk Revival genre retains the original punk sounds: spiky angular guitars tend to be used, and the songs have a short sharp feel to them.

Most Post-Punk music tends to keep that British essence about it, bands use their accents to help shape their music, and this is very much the case with the Arctic Monkeys. Now a days Post-Punk incorporates electronic sounds or dance music instead of the dated ass’s disco. The original Post-Punk movement was influenced by Crackpot, Dub and Disco of the asses. But now Post-Punk revivalists like Interpol, Editors, and White Lies tend to edge toward a more atmospheric Post-Punk sound optimized by Echo and the Funnymen and Joy Division.

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Issues wince commonly affect tens genre are typically memo Punk Revival has a major problem, unlike Hip-Hop or Dance genres.

Post-Punk Revival is more of an artistic genre, where artists are more concerned with re-creating music room the past and so forth. Although I think that the more recent bands Post-Punk Revival bands such as The Bravery, Arctic Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand tend to have more problems with attitude. This laid back uncaring attitude comes across and the dress styles they bring with them affects people in our everyday lives, fashion is based around these types of music, and at the moment in particular.

Shops like River Island and Tops all portray the music sound. And with the style comes the attitude which I personally think a lot of people are adopting. It’s more of a culture wing, as with all types of music, Indies has become a lifestyle.

‘The Indies spirit has been commodities and re-envisioned as a marketable lifestyle just like Punk, Alternative, and Grunge before it… ‘ Sean McCabe www. Edition.

CNN. Com Post-punk is appealing to people because of the straight forward lyrics and catchy melodies.

The lyrics are often about everyday life, and is seen as something that a lot of people can link to, this is another reason that it is part of our lifestyle, it talks about our lifestyle. When is comes to working relationships in the genre the key issues are reckless and unprofessional artists. One great example of an artist like this is Pete Doherty, who at one point was arrested twice in a matter of days.

His manager was involved in a hit and run incident where he was using Doherty car. The singer being charged with supplying illegal drugs and other events such as rehab. Drug problem like his can also mean gig’s being cancelled or ruined.

And these sort of people can be hard to work with in this industry. ‘The best relationships are nurtured over the years and have been built on mutual trust and respect for different gifts we have as musicians and music business refashions. ‘ Christopher Knob.

Independent Music Consultant. I agree with this and think that this is a common mistake in this genre, artist’s come to the music industry thinking that they are in once their name gets big, but really they need to build a working relationship with colleagues. And the working relationship means that, now that they are in the spotlight they can’t Just do whatever they like.

A history about the Arctic Monkeys The band the Arctic Monkeys are a Post-Punk Revivalist band from Sheffield, England. The Band is made up of front man Alex Turner, fellow guitarist Jamie Cook, Bassist Nick Maloney and Drummer Matt Holders. Bassist Andy Nicholson was the bassist of the band when the band shot to fame in 2006.

Incision’s reason for leaving the band was that he was suffering from fatigue. But It Is now Known t at n Nilsson was pal TOT Dye ten Dana rater teen Ana Tuna themselves being more of a band with Nick Maloney. We sorts found ourselves in a situation where we wanted to move forward” Alex Turner – Arctic Monkeys on Split NAME Interview The Arctic Monkeys shoot to fame – The Arctic Monkeys where one of the Auk’s biggest bands in the New Millennium. Their rise began in 2005, when they started getting offers from major labels. However the band were sticking to the Post-Punk/linden attitude of a smaller independent music label, as they tended to give the artist creative freedom with their music.

“l like you, but I’m not sure about this bit, and that song could do with this changing… And we never listened” – Alex Turner Arctic Monkeys Biography 2006 Seam’s Craig I think that this was a housewives for the Arctic Monkeys, as if they has of been signed up by a major up fading out. Also their music wouldn’t have been original.

The market tempts bands to follow the record industry money. Those that adopt the success formula may well make it but, whatever the returns, it will be in the knowledge that they sold out their talent’ Seam’s Craig Arctic Monkeys Biography 2006 As the Arctic Monkeys had declined offers from major labels, you would think why didn’t etc remain an underground band.

Many people think that it was namespace and the internet that made it possible. This is true, but it was down to the bands lack of marketing which brand them a piece of luck. The Arctic Monkeys have their fans to thank.

In an interview with Claus 2005, the Arctic ex bassist Andy Nicholson said : We used to go into the studio and record all say, come out with 3 tracks all finished, spent all night copying them, then take them to our gigs and give them to people for free. Then songs started appearing on the net and people started sharing them. Rona Largo interview with Andy Nicholson Cot 05 The fact that the band made it so big through the internet even if it was fans doing it was seen as a break through in the music industry. The simple fact that the internet allows a fledging band’s music to be heard without able assistance has heralded a Joyous new musical socialism. ‘ Laura Barton – The Guardian. Another great reason that the Arctic Monkeys have had such success is their appeal.

They reach out to the ordinary person, lyrics are written about everyday life and people Tanat you malign see auto, It’s something Tanat a lot AT people can relate to. The simple, unadorned messages and stories that the band carried were instantly recognized by a youth… It was direct communication with youth certainly on a par with the punk revolution in the seventies, but this time carried through one band only, not a host of them and it has never really happened before- even The Beetles were part of the Impressive beat era.

‘ Seam’s Craig Arctic Monkeys Biography’s When the Arctic Monkeys released their debut album