Geographic description of a market

A geographic description is about the finding of a favorable market place of a certain product or service. We know that any geographic place cans provide potential customers, but it will depend on the kind of the product. There are some kind of products that can sell well in a rural area where as some can sell better in urban areas.

This actually provides the need to make proper location of the market about beer as a product. The factors that we will consider in this study are as follows; the region that the market will be set. The region includes the city, town state or the district. In our study, we have already dealt with this factor because we have chosen Germany as the location of the market. To make it clear, we have to narrow it down to a town.

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Now our product market will be located in Berin.Size is another factor to consider in a geographic description of a market. Before setting a market for any product or service, something important to consider is the size of population that will offer the market opportunity for the sale. This takes into consideration the metropolitan area as per the population of the place. Population is a major factor that boosts the market for any introduced product or service.

Berlin has high population and this provides a good market for the new product (Rudra, ( n.d)). In the above case, population density is also very important in a geographic description of a market. Areas with low population will not provide a good market for the product or service, but those areas with high population will favor the market of the product or service. On observing the population in Berlin we find out that the town has a good population that can provide market to the new beer product. Geographic factors also take into consideration the climatic condition of a place.

The climatic condition can directly affect the sale of a certain good or product. Considering the sale of a bear product in Berlin, the climatic conditions are favorable and it affects it positively. This provides a clear reason to set up this new beer product here. All the above are the factors that some may consider when coming up with a geographic description of the market. A geographic description of a market provides information from a geographical point of view. This means we have to consider some factors like population, region and climate in the study.