Give Me Attention

Give them attention ” She’s sleeping again.” “I’m so tired.

” *sigh* ” I’m bored!” ” Is this class almost over?” “I’m going to take a nap.” I don’t understand why students don’t do work during school. Why are students always saying that they hate school? Why do they say that they prefer to stay home? Why do students say ” Ohhh I’m not going to do any of this work.” I understand school isn’t fun all the time and easy but I do know that in the long run it will pay off. Why bother coming to school if you’re gonna sleep, distract other fellow classmates be disrespectful and not listen to the teachers ???Students should want to learn and do their work to have a good future. I wonder what goes through the students mind when they choose to not do their work.

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Why do students think it’s okay to not listen to the teachers? Most of the time students that don’t do their work in class distract their fellow classmates, that do like to do their work. They influence them that it’s okay to not do their work. That there isn’t consequences for just goofing around and messing with other people. What students don’t realize is that they will eventually become adults and they will have to go out there and interfere with society. They will to need work,provide shelter, food, clothing and a ridefor themselves. I don’t think they think about their future yet.

Some think that selling drugs,robbing, or spending the rest of their lives with their parents think that is a way that they can live. I believe they are wrong because if you’re doing something illegal one day the least expected you will caught, and the consequences will be serious. Also you should take your parents for granted because they don’t last forever. You can’t always bewith them. That’s why discipline starts at home, and then at school. Students should be doing their work in school not complaining and distracting their classmates.

When there’s students that don’t do their work that indicates that most likely they have a problem at home. There can be many reasons why students don’t do their work but I still don’t understand why they don’t try to fix it. I know some probable causes why they might not do their work at school. Like for example:maybe they don’t have someone to talk to, someone that will listen to their problems,their parents maybe don’t pay attention to them, or maybe nobody is there to encourage them to do better at school and to get good grades. There are so many reasons why students might not do their work at school. I know teachers do their job which is to teach and they don’t care if students do their work but, I think they should talk to the student and ask them what’s wrong.

Overall, it’s all about doing what’s best for you. I believe that every student that goes to school should be doing their work. They should want to be someone in life. They shouldn’t get paid minimum wage if they went to school and have skills that they can develop at a betterpaid job. I encourage all parents to pay close attention to their kids and to please motivate them to do their school work and to want to keep gaining knowledge. I really want our society to have more good people so, that we can over power the people that on a daily-basis do illegal things.

All students should go to school and do their work.