Go Kill Yourself

A phrase used so often it has become a normal phrase which is used all the time. It is used in both a serious manner and in a joking way.

It is a phrase which no one should ever say and never hear no matter whether it was a joke or not. “Go kill yourself” We use it when they said something funny, failed at something or did something great. Although we mean it as a joke, it doesn’t always mean that that’s how the person took it. Don’t mistake a smile for everything is ok. The other person may take the sentence to heart and consider it. You don’t know if that person has issues, suffers from depression or has even experienced suicide.

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This phrase carries so much meaning and can really affect someone! This phrase should also never be written over social media for 1 huge reason: Lack of emotion. When something is typed, the reader is not able to know if it was meant in a joking manner or not. This sentence carries so much power and should NEVER be said to another person! Just because you mean it in a certain way does not mean that it is taken in that way. Please, I’m begging you as another teenager, do not use this phrase because you don’t always know what is going on in the other person’s life or how they will interpret it! What is your opinion on this phrase? Do you use it a lot and how have you felt when someone said it to you?