Dont kill the kids who kill

Sneakily he trots up to the sleeping body, and stabs the man.

Yah you’re probably asking, what is he talking about, are you thinking about call of duty? No, this is real life. People dying, at what: the hands of an adult? No a kid, that one kid has the power to end a life. What has the world come to? For someone to take that away is awful, but what about that one thing they were meant to live for. God put us on earth for a reason, our rules, and laws interfere with those of God’s. God meant for that kid, to be helped, and to make a difference in the future, yet in jail what are the odds of that. There’s a huge chance of that kid, becoming worse rather than reformed.

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We must morn the innocent, whose life has been lost, but we must keep going, we must give chances for rehabilitation, which leads to one of the growing debates in the United States which is, should juvenile criminals be tried as adults? Jessica Wilde, author of ” Juvenile Criminals Must Be Tried as an Adult,” and, ” Mike Hendricks author of, ” Stop trying 13-year Olds in Court as Adults,” show their contradictory statements. Jessica Wilde, states that even an 11-year old kid like Jordan brown, who committed murder, must be tried as an adult, yet the National Center for Juvenile Justice Profiles, Thinks that, “Youth behavior is malleable,” and can be corrected by rehabilitation. British law often influences American policy; for instance, in 1993, two 10-year old boys mutilated and killed a 2-year old named Jamie Bulger. They committed a horrendous offense, but the fact is what happens in England, shouldn’t alter the laws in America, since it has nothing to do with the juvenile system in America For these reasons I must completely agree with Mike Hendricks, when he says, ” 14 is too young to be considered an adult”(1), I’m 14, and I will admit neither I nor all the people my age are mature enough or smart enough to always make the best choices, so it is left up to the parents. Yes, I will admit the offenses of these kids, are unthinkable, but wouldn’t you want a second chance if you were sitting in that convicting courtroom, wouldn’t you? It isn’t even a fair trial, when kids are put on the stand.

There is no one to vouch for them, since there isn’t anyone their age, “you have to be 18 to serve on a Kansas jury,” but you can be tried at a younger age. The right of fair trial is stated clearly in the 6th Amendment, and I believe that having peers try you falls under that statement. Wouldn’t you want that chance, that small chance of being helped, rehabilitated, because, all juveniles should get that chance to turn their life around which is what Mike Hendricks states, ” it’s also shocking that ours is a society in which kids so young are denied a chance at rehabilitation in the juvenile system” (1). Whether guilty or not, put yourself in their place; which one would you probably say, not guilty. No one wants to be guilty.

If you hurt someone or killed someone wouldn’t you want that second chance? In jail you don’t get anything to help with a second chance, except some life skills for older cellmates for when or if they get out. That second chance is crucial, and to deny that to someone who hasn’t lived even half their life is wrong! I will stand by Mike Hendricks, and say do no try 13 Year olds, in anything but the juvenile court system!