Grandma be free

I got home and everyone was sitting down, they usually get there before I do. Why are they all sitting down in one place at the same time? Oh gosh what happened now? What did I do now? Maybe they found out that I let my little brother play with my BB gun.

Sitting down uncomfortably, all their heads turned stared at me when I sat down, It felt frightening. Started to wonder what they are thinking. “Mom whats wrong?” “Jonathan, Grandma is sick” said mom. Once I heard grandma,I knew it was bad I look down couldn’t look at anyones faces or I knew I’d start to cry. How could she be sick we just saw her three months ago, she was fine. I enter my room like nothing ever happened.

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It’s the next day and we all headed to school. All my classes I couldn’t think all I was thinking about was what’s wrong with her, I hope she’s okay, I hope she’ll last another five years. Even though I really knew it was time. Just finishing my test and the phone rings. Thats me! I start to pack up.

“Jonathan someone’s here to pick u up. I look at him and say “okay thank you”. Should I go and get homework in all my other classes. No I don’t have time for that I won’t even have time to text my girlfriend.I open the door to the office and I see my mom… she’s broken.

Her eyes are red like she’s been crying all day. I start to get water eyes. No jonathan stop you need to stay strong. I put my head down so no one sees my face. Not saying a thing the whole ride home I just look outside making no eye contact at all.

Once I get home I pack my bags and get ready to go. We have a non talking much ride to texas. Once we call get there we go to the waiting room for about five hours just being on our phones and being really hungry it’s been 22 hours sinces we eat and I’m so hungry. I hope once I see her it’ll all be gone… I walk in very slowly first thing I see is tubes going all in her and around her. I start crying, I walk away I can’t.

I cant cry in front of her. I go cool off in the bathroom in the mirror thinking stay strong, stop crying, STOP IT, she’s gonna be gone anytime now and ur going to be crying now!!! I stop and clear my mind. Stay strong that’s all that matters is make her laugh.I walk in and first thing I say is DAMN grandma u look sexy! She laughs a lot, her heart beat is at 110. I see her hands go up and I go in for a hug. The doctor says in english “I can’t make her laugh to much.

” I wonder why the doctor says it in english maybe so that my grandma doesn’t understand. I don’t let it get to me. I say I bet you want some tacos (from her favorite places that I don’t know how to spell). She nodded her head. I smile and say “Your hair’s too short it looks like a boy” her heart beat goes back up and she again nodes her head.

Is this how people that can’t talk are. Why would they make her not talk she’s gonna leave soon and we can’t have our last couple of days being happy with her hearing what she has to say. I ask “do you want samantha to come” all she does is nodded her head. Is she ever coming home. Will she ever see me other then this hospital. I try my best not to cry and I give Sam the sticker.

The next day she comes home. She chose to go home. The first thing she said “Todos miran a mi pequeno muchacho blanco” (aww look at my little white boy) I ask want anything she said watermelon I feed her and she ate almost the whole watermelon. Ima spoil her so much sense she’s home I’m going to make it look like if she was already in heaven. She couldn’t really talk loud it’ll be more of a whisper.

I hate seeing her like this I did take pictures of her but I don’t think she wants them so I go rid of them all. I love the fact that she was happy. She was doing fine till… she wouldn’t wake up. She was asleep for 3 days. She’ll wake up for 15 mins and then she’ll go back to bed.

Every now and then we’ll see her smile. I wonder if she’s seeing my uncle (her son that passed years ago). Then my older brother came into the room I was in and had his hands over his mouth. Oh no please. I run over to where she was at and she wasn’t breathing anymore.

She’s in a better plays now. Everyones crying I don’t understand why. She’s fine now. She’s happy now. She’s in peace watching over us. I already remember till this day that she said “I know I’m going to die one day and when I do I want you to carry me” Tell this day I’ll never forget that.