Green Marketing Contribution To Sustainability

Going green, environmental protection, eco-friendly products, and earth protection have already become natural and usual phenomena in our society. ‘Green marketing is a tool, used by many companies in various industries to follow this trend’. Nowadays a great level of attention is paid to the green marketing, as many consumers have become conscious of environmental needs and prefer to buy eco-friendly products. Probably, it happens because this type of marketing anticipates and undertakes activities directed on the environmental protection. However, having a deep look, one may notice that going green has both advantages (good business opportunities, reputation and loyalty level increase, good stability opportunities, efficiency and sustainability growth, etc.

) and disadvantages (increased cost of products and services, growth of uncertainty, complication of business model, resistance and even skepticism). According to Ravindra P. Saxena and Pradeep K. Khandelwal, sustainability comprises three dimensions; they are ‘the environment, the economy, and the society’. This is why sustainable development field may be divided into three parts:‘environmental sustainability, economic sustainability and socio-political sustainability’.

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This new format of business has emerged as the result of global warming challenge which evoked high environmental protection concern. Sustainable development aims to fulfill human needs without doing any harm to the environment with the purpose to preserve it for the future generations. Business sustainability may be defined as social, financial and environmental risks management, so sustainable development doesn’t depend only on green marketing Thus, green marketing may lead to sustainability in business only in case you fully understand the uncertainty it may involve, have a good plan, and sufficient budget, are ready to analyze product impact on the environment, and provide an immense commitment, as ‘full commitment of the entire business’. The benefit of going green instead of choosing a traditional business will be observed only ‘when a green business is done really well, you will see the positive social and environmental impact it has… while making a solid profit’.