Topic: Walmart’s sustainability strategy

In the past couple of years, Walmart has made the news for its new sustainability strategy.

  With environmental concerns on the rise, and Walmart as the biggest retailer, the company is eager to jump on the environmental bandwagon.  Will Walmart succeed in reaching its goals, which include “to be supplied 100% by renewable energy, create zero waste, and to sell products that sustain their resources and the environment.”With so many different strategies available to meet this goal, Walmart is capable of doing this.  Currently, Walmart is contracting with outside companies to help change its energy sources, as well as for other reasons.  Walmart has been contracting with outside companies since it first came up with this plan in 2005.

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My research will look at a number of different areas, including how much progress has Walmart made in this area since 2005?; what steps has Walmart taken and will they take in the next few years to continue to meet their goals?; how feasible is alternative power (especially on a large scale)?; what is the availability of recycling programs for corporations?; and how many Walmart suppliers are currently on board with providing sustainable products (or plan to do so in the future)?  Looking at these variables will show, first, if it is possible for any company to achieve these goals.  Second, it will show how Walmart will do it, through their high level of commitment to the environment.Working thesis: Through consulting with outside companies, changing the company’s view of appropriate productivity (by using current high-level employees to reach the goals, and including it as part of their daily work strategy), and focusing heavily on the environment, Walmart will achieve its sustainability goals.