Starbucks and their Efforts in Sustainability

The purpose of this paper is to research the Starbucks Company’s Sustainability Report, examine and analyze the facts and figures of the report for enhancing a good business strategy. The nature of the Starbuck’s sustainability report will focus on the constructive and progressive strategies in order to promote works like recycling, waste reduction and the company’s responsibility towards environmental issues, as well as analyze the goals set and achieved in the past, recent years, and its impact on the community. he Thesis statement is:Experts indicate that the Starbucks Company has embraced a substantial sustainability trend in the recent years, still has to focus and face challenges to improve in other areas. Do you agree? As stated by Matter Network (2011) in an article by Thomas Miner (2011) at his website that Starbucks Coffee Company has launched its annual Global Responsibility Report, stating that the company has exceeded many of its goals around renewable energy, sourcing and water use, still faces challenges in the areas of reccycling, waste reduction, and energy conservation.Moreover, there will be discussions, literature review, methodology, analysis and conclusion regarding the success and drawbacks of the strategic implementation applied in the past, couple years.

The community involvement plays a major role in strengthening the basis of any business, as well as the environment. Energy consumption, waste reduction, low plastic and paper usage—recycling, all require meaningful improvements and need for greater improvements in the long run of this big chain company.

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