Sustainability Issues

The world currently is currently undergoing a social restructuring process in which various sustainability issues are being addressed in view of the current theme with regard to environmental and ecological perspectives. Research initiatives have also been launched in regard to the same focusing upon the emerging concerns and other topical trends and issues in the sustainability framework. There is a fundamental increase in concern regarding the utilization of the current state of islands leading to the fundamental aspect regarding establishing a sustainability concern in terms of managing island resources with an aim of protecting diversity as a major issue. According to Achim Steiner, “Islands may only cover three percent of the global land area, but they are a treasure trove of biodiversity and some of the rarest and most unique species that in turn hold valuable genetic resources” (UNEP, 2010).

There is also an increasing concern regarding the utilization of 3 Rs (Reduce, Recycle, Replant) methodology in developing forest potential and respective capacities. There is an increasing concern over the sustainability of the current forest resources with regard to their continuous and consistent exploitation from various parts of the world. The concern has majorly based on the constantly decreasing resources associated with forests especially the hydrological cycle, air exchange, and biodiversity. According to Earth Policy Institute, “They absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and give us oxygen, limit soil erosion, aid flood control and aquifer recharge, and host a wealth of biodiversity” (Earth Policy Institute, 2010). This therefore led to the championing of a massive tree planting campaign christened, ‘the Billion Tree Campaign’ and other forest recharge efforts. Looking at the forest exploitation indices the following illustration provides a clear preview of the current trends in forest exploitation: In the recent past, moves have been made towards the empowering the humans on the importance of sustainability in developing the environmental agenda.

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The focus has mainly with regard to the establishment of critical economic policies, technological and economic innovations in developing the environmental theme. A case for consideration is the training of Papua government leaders on issues the integration between rights based development, strengthening self sufficiency, and delivering economic justice all with a focal aim of enhancing level of sustainability (Sustainability Institute, 2004). Stakeholders in the energy sector have recently fronted for the development of urgent and critical solutions towards the development of feasible energy options the existing oil deposits. In addition, there is an increasing concern over the trends of marine oil ship accidents, which are attributed to causing major pollution levels in the high seas. Lovis further stipulates that, “.

..Based on over two decades of research, WTOE details how eliminating oil dependence can strengthen our economy, enhance domestic security and reduce our impact on the environment” (Lovis, 2010). These three aspects form key aspects with regard to the developing sustainability theme. Moreover, the concern over the high seas oil ship accidents has led to the proposal for stringent guidelines regarding the transmission of potentially harmful material to the seas which could significantly affect the marine life potential. For instance, the recent catastrophic oil spill on the Gulf of Mexico was a major scare (Lovis, 2010).

Strategies are also underway to reinvent the concept of fire by transforming focus towards renewable energy resources. As Lovis puts it, “It will map the transition from oil, coal, and ultimately gas to efficiency and renewable energy” (Lovis, 2010). Consequently, this serves to fulfil the emerging concerning over diminishing energy resources