Project Sustainability: Rancho Margot

Most tourist hotels tend to apply the use of artificial methods of running their operations. However, some of the operations applied by most tourist hotels deplete the capabilities of the future generations of growth and development. Any kind of successful business or enterprise should employ the use of sustainable means of running its operations. This would help in enabling the future generations possess a basis to begin and commence well with their developmental strategies. Rancho Margot represents a good example of a tourist hotel based in Costa Rica that employs sustainable methods of operations.

The management of this hotel tries to use sustainable modes of operation extensively. One of the key reasons why Margot Rancho employs sustainable methods of operation includes the fact that Costa Rica is an environmentally susceptible place. To that effect, this tourist hotel sticks to sustainable means of operation in order to evade destroying the already vulnerable land. Moreover, the hotel does this in order to keep the land safe for future generations. In all its activities, this hotel involves the use of sustainable operation methods in order to stay harmonious with its natural environment.

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In addition, the tourist hotel tries to engage its tourists in all these sustainable strategies directly and indirectly. All the tourists who visit the Costa Rica tourist hotel get numerous educations on sustainability aside from the relaxation and comfort they attain. The hotel emphasizes on the use of biodegradable sources and cheaper sources of power generation. Moreover, the tourist hotel interacts with the communities around it extensively in order to enhance the success of their missions in sustaining the environment. This esteemed tourist hotel is a dream destination for many tourists around the world.

Moreover, the hotel management strives to ensure that the environment remains intact and compact for the benefit of the entire society and the future generations. The four fundamental areas of focus for the Rancho Margot Tourist Hotel in its processes of sustainable management include the social and economic environment, physical and biological factors, the external customers and infrastructure. Rancho Margot employs a number of strategies in its operation in order to achieve its goals of sustaining the environment. Some of the strategies it employs include the use of hydro- electric power generated from the existing nearby rivers. Next, it employs the use of heat generated from compost pits. The matter in the compost may consist of decaying plants and animals.

The hotel tends to use all the energy generated from this source in heating practices within the hotel. For instance, the heated water is used in showers. Another method that the hotel uses in its sustainability processes includes the use of `bio- digesters. One of the most prominent sustainability strategies that the Margot Rancho hotel employes includes the use of carbon-neutrality. This appeared as one of the most successful and extensively used sustainable energy generator within the hotel. The hotel has realized that in the year 2011, it has emitted a lot of carbon into the atmosphere from its total operations.

In order to solve this problem the hotel management decided to capture the carbon and use it effectively in the generation of energy (Flamm, 1997). While applying the carbon-neutrality strategy, the hotel management decided to use the energy produced in the engagement of all its employees and customers in the efforts to fulfill sustainability. In addition, this strategy, among the others mentioned earlier in the essay, works to reduce the emission of harmful greenhouse gases. As we all know, the subsequent emission of the greenhouse gases lead to an extensive depletion of the ozone layer. This facilitates the penetration of the harmful ultraviolet radiation into the lower atmosphere. All sources of carbon within the organization that has emitted one percent of the gas has been employed in the carbon footprint process.

For instance, those that emit carbon directly, like naturalgas and company vehicles, have been used. Furthermore, those that emit gas indirectly, like business trips, have been also applied. All these steps led to a lucrative source of energy that got used in almost all the operations within the tourist hotel. A luxurious hotel in America that may benefit from this method of sustainability includes the Lodge at Pebble Beach in California. This lodge exists in a green surrounding that subsequently emits a lot of carbon gas.

Moreover, the hotel would immensely benefit from the carbon-neutrality strategy since it is engaged in numerous activities which consume a lot of energy. An environmentally friendly method of energy production to run all these operations would be a fundamental one in the hotel. Since it is known as a preferred luxury tourist hotel in America, most Americans and external clients tend to visit it. Thus, this means that the energy consumption within the hotel is high. As such, a sustainable method of producing energy, aside from the carbon-neutrality method, should be fundamental in this hotel.

The luxury lodge may also use heat generated from compost pits. Moreover, since it is situated near a large water body, it may employ the use of hydroelectricity. All these methods would help in sustaining the environment for future generations to benefit from it. It would be most convenient for the Lodge at Pebble Beach in California to use hydroelectric power more, since it is located not far from the ocean. Tapping the energy would occur much easily since its source is adjacent to the lodge. However, carbon-neutrality would also come in handy since there exist numerous carbon-producing organisms and machinery within the lodge’s surrounding.

Thus, the hotel could tap much of the carbon in the same way that the Margot Rancho does. This would add up immensely to the energy production rates that would cater for the high consumptions in the lodge. Apart from that, the lodge would appear as a major entity in the processes of sustainable management and operation. This would eventually allow the future generation to fit into the evolving world with much ease.Carbon-neutrality includes a beneficial way of encouraging sustainability in the environment.

This occurs since it reduces the emission of the greenhouse gases that subsequently pose negative influences on the environment. In particular, these gases deplete the ozone layer thus, exposing the lower atmosphere to harmful ultraviolet rays. These rays tend to affect the living organisms negatively. In addition, this method of sustainable operation involves the use of natural and cheaply achieved source of energy. As such, it turns out to be both cost effective and reliable to any organization whose operations tend to consume large amounts of energy. This method of sustainability possesses several advantages and disadvantages which are listed in the following part of this essay.

First, since it has been important to control the emission of carbon within the Margot Rancho hotel, the management has made a right decision to use it wisely. Eventually, this led to a cheaper source of sustainable energy. Thus, the hotel not only reduced the negative impacts of carbon emission to the environment but it benefitted immensely from this strategy. The large amount of energy that is produced through this method is used in many high-energy consuming activities within the hotel (Sarcletti, 2012). Another reason why this method is beneficial includes the fact that it gets applied in regions where the government rarely tries to reduce the emission of carbon. Such regions are saved from the negative impacts of this gas.

The disadvantage of this method lies in the fact that the hotels may not be sure of subsequent emissions of the gas. In particular, the gas may occur depleted or reduced after a certain period of consumption. Thus, despite using this method, the hotels require other sources to substitute this one in case of depletion. All the methods of sustainable management of operations in the highly growwing industrial world are of great importance. The benefits of these sustainable methods outweigh the disadvantages. Some of the sustainable methods include the use of hydroelectric power and biogas.

Others include the use of energy sourced from decomposing waste in compost pits and carbon emitted from vehicles and dead organisms. All these methods of sustainability possess immense benefits to the environment since they enhance a harmonious relationship between the developing world and its surrounding. In addition, it allows the beauty of nature to flourish instead of dying (Jakle, 2009). The use of sustainable strategies possesses numerous benefits to both the organizations applying it and its surrounding inhabitants. For instance, the use of carbon-neutrality in the production of energy displays many benefits to the hotels as well as the neighboring surrounding. As much as the hotel benefits by achieving much low-cost, internally-generated energy, the surrounding inhabitants also benefit in one way or another.

For instance, these sustainable methods reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. These gases pose harmful effects on their regions of emission. In particular, they lead to the depletion of the ozone layer. As earlier stated in this essay, the ozone layer tends to protect the lower atmosphere from harmful ultraviolet rays. These rays pose immense negative effects on living organisms.

Moreover, the industrial activities tend to increase. The population keeps growing and the industry keeps developing thus, leading to extensive depletion of the safety that most living organisms depend on (Sandoval-Straus, 2007). The abovementioned sustainable methods of managing operations in hotels such as Margot Rancho and other energy consuming organizations are fundamental in sustaining the environment. The society and the governments should appreciate the efforts made by such hotels like Margot Rancho since they take part in immense conservation of the environment as one of their major visions.In conclusion, sustainability appears as one of the fundamental methods of conserving the environment.

Most organizations such as well-known lodges and tourist hotels have not realized the significance of applying sustainable methods of operation. The few tourist hotels like the Margot Rancho, that employs the sustainable strategies, tend to benefit immensely from them. For instance, Margot Rancho includes a well-known and immensely luxurious tourist resort based in Costa Rica. This tourist resort tends to apply the extensive use of sustainable methods of managing its operations. For instance, it uses hydroelectric power and energy generated from compost waste. Moreover, it uses bio-digesters in the generation of energy.

However, one of the most successful methods that the Margot Rancho hotel employes in its sustainability strategies includes the use of carbon-neutrality. This method is beneficial to both the hotel and its surrounding. The hotel has focused on four main categories before implementing this sustainable operation. In particular, it has taken into consideration its external customers and the social and economic factors. In addition, it has focused on infrastructure and both physical and biological factors. These steps has formed the basis of the operations (Going Carbon Neutral, 2007).

Currently, the hotel gains profit from this sustainable strategy immensely. However, this strategy not only benefits the hotel. It also benefits the people who live in the same environment. This occurs since the harmful carbon emissions get tapped for useful consumption. In addition, the surrounding gets protected from the negative effects of carbon emission.

Thus, I may finalize my essay by recommending the Margot Rancho tourist hotel taking into consideration the benefit of the carbon that exists within its operations. In addition, I would like to stress the wisdom of the hotel management that saves the natural environment from further depletion. This is a step that enhances a harmonious existence of the hotel within a green and beautiful surrounding. Finally, it fulfills the mission of the hotel to maintain a vibrant environment for the future generations.