Grolsch Company Case Study

Yes, several of the major players have been actively engaging in mergers and acquisitions, leading to a more concentrated market with larger market shares for the leading firms. 2. There is not a clear leader which absolutely dominates the industry. While Heinlein is the leader in the international market, Bud (Light) leads total volume. There is also no core, the leading companies in international and total volume markets differ from each other.

3. In its process of expansion, Grossly has engaged in both cooperation with local brewers, and direct shipping from domestic factories, depending on the markets emend.

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For markets such as the USA that valued originality, direct shipping was used. For others that did not hold an emphasis on this, Joint venture options were explored to cut costs. 4.

No, standardization Is not Increasing. Majority of Crotch’s sales come from Its Grossly Premium Lager, with other variations such as Amsterdam beers. Packaging was not standardized around the globe, products shipped to different markets had country-specific labels. Grossly is also priced differently in various markets, priced at a higher price in its domestic market. 5.

It implies that minimum target should be to further enhance operations, increasing production and distribution efficiencies to achieve cost reduction in order to remain profitable