Gun Control Narrative Essay

I am neutral on gun control, because being there are things I agree with in gun control and things I do not. The law of “right to bare arms” letting people own weapons under certiant cirumstances, for individual use or collective rights. You are able to have a gun to protect yourself as well as your home. I fully agree on being able to protect yourself but in Missouri you are able to have your gun in a compartment in your vehicle, so what happens if some one who owns a gun and is under the influence has a bad moment and makes the wrong descion? You can’t rewind time and not do it, but then theres laws saying you can’t own a gun if your mentally ill or convicted for two years or more in jail, as well as many other reasons. There are many good and bad reasons on both pro gun control and pro gun rights.

And as for the “people don’t kill people, guns kill people” that isn’t intirely true because the gun doesn’t just shot it self off, there has to be someone to pull the triger.

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