I believe Narrative Essay

Hard work is the great deal of effort or endurance an individual should have if they want to be successful in anything they do. Many of us get the wrong idea of hard work and being able to feel that pay off.

Many mistaken hard work as putting some effort and expecting more effort back. Moreover, even if an individual isn’t born with genius genes or superb athletic genes they shouldn’t not try to work harder in any matter for something whether it be school, a sport, or a job. Most of the time many think it’s not worth going against the smarter individual because they usually naturally just pick up things faster. To me, I believe anyone can out perform any smarter or greater individual even maybe if they have to work a hundred times more than they do. Now, you may be thinking to yourself why work that much harder if that greater individual has a better chance to outperform me? Well, to me there are three main words I go by day to day reminding myself of what type of person I need to strive to be everyday to make the hard work pay off.

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Commitment, purposeful, and eager. I believe, the most hardworking people are the ones to get the most credit in the end and the greater feeling. Being a committed individual shows that you want anything and will work hard for what you want to happen or be done. Commitment, shows appreciation in what you do also, how much something really means to you. If you are working hard for something in your life the commitment is the main characteristic you are using.

A hard working person doesn’t just not commit to what they are wanting to achieve. Hard work may seem like so much effort and too much energy to put in but, the most committed individual will succeed because of its drive and dedication. Furthermore, commitment shows the ability an individual has in making sure something is done. This is why most hard working people are committed because they are eager to make themselves better and achieve the best they can do. Many people just work hard for something or just work to get it done without even a purpose.

Being a hard working individual you must have a purpose. If someone has a purpose you most of the time get it done and achieve what you wanted to achieve. Moreover, many people have a huge purpose in why they are doing something but never really understand that many things won’t be given to you without the hard work being put in. Now, as we said before maybe the smarter individual or more athletic individual has a better and quicker chance to outperform the hard working individual. Many times, the smarter individual will under perform the hard worker because the extra work may have made that big difference.

In many things I do whether it be school or bodybuilding, I have a purpose everyday to why I work hard for everything I have and want in the future. I have realized over time, many things are harder for me without a purpose. Having a purpose everyday in what you do makes you strive for bigger and better results in anything you do. Hard work isn’t just the extra “work” being put into it there’s many things behind that, that will make that hard work seem not so hard. All in all, I believe hard work is the key to success. The ones who endure in all challenges thrown at them in life, will eventually overcome these challenges to be the best person they can possibly be.

If us hardworking people do not work hard or overcome the challenges in our life the feeling wouldn’t feel so rewarding especially knowing if the extra work was put in there would of been a drastic difference. Notably, i can testify in my own life how hard work can and has led and will lead to success in my future. As a bikini bodybuilding athlete, the best you can be in this sport is a pro, starting from there to a olympian or an arnold winner. In November, I am going for my pro card and it can be the difference of getting more well known in this sport and competing against the best around the world or stay the same. If i put it all the hard work, commitment, and dedication now it will pay off in the pro show in November. I have a purpose to why i’m doing this sport.

I want to be an inspiration for anyone to live a healthy lifestyle to live and feel the best. I want to make a difference in the fitness world and by this that’s why I work hard now to become to the most well known bikini athlete to help and guide others in a healthy direction in life. Lastly, every successful individual in history has worked hard to be where they are at or have left being known as a legend or hero for there hard work, commitment, dedication, and eagerness.