Gym Class is Not Needed for All!

Gym class is not necessary for people who already have a lot of exercise. Having too much exercise is not healthy for your body. You can get lactic acid and get super exhausted. For example, I have physical exercise every day, and each day I have it for at least one hour. Many times I would exercise each day for more than two hours! Now, this is only the exercise I have after school.

If you add the 40 minutes of gym class, you get so much time spent on fitness related activities. This can tire out someone’s body entirely. There should be an exception for people that already do so much exercise. For people that already keep fit as much as I do, they should be able to skip physical education. While they can take a break during gym, they should be allowed to do homework or read.

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This way, they are not bothering anyone else, and yet satisfying their needs. All I want is for people to be fit, but not wear out them, so people with lots of physical exercise should be able to skip gym class.