skipping class

Some kids think it’s fun skipping class, but it’s not. There’s nothing to do, all you do is stay in the bathroom or go walk around the school. If you are going to skip class, I suggest you don’t come to school if you just want to skip your classes, or do you like getting in trouble? Do you care if you get ISS and OSS? You should think about it because you have to learn to get through life.

Life is important, to get a good paying job or life style, you have to go through school, and when you get out of high school make sure you go to college. When you are done with college, you don’t have to skip your class. You want to know why? You won’t have to go to school you’ll be done with school. But you’ll still learn things through life. Life is learning; all you do is learn.

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Everyone learns something new every day. Don’t forget: DON’T SKIP SCHOOL OR ANY OF YOUR CLASSES!